Best Mid Tower PC Case for Gaming 2021

Last Updated on September 26, 2020 by Scott Krager

For many PC enthusiasts, buying a mid-tower case is, more often than not, the best decision.

Especially because mid-towers have a lot of aspects of their full tower counterparts, and still manage to remain smaller. In this roundup, we will look at the 5 best mid-tower cases for 2020.

Best Mid Tower Case 2020 Buying Guide

  • NZXT H710i (Best Mid Tower PC Case Overall)
  • ​Corsair Obsidian 500D SE (Best High-End Mid Tower Case)
  • ​Cooler Master H500M (Best Mid Tower Case For Airflow)
  • Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic (Best Midrange Mid Tower Case)
  • ​SilverStone RL05BR-W (Best Budget Mid Tower Case)

NZXT H710i: Check Price On Amazon

Best Mid Tower Case 2020

H710i is the latest mid-tower gaming case by NZXT and the successor to the H700i.

Since H700i was our pick for the best mid-tower chassis for the past one year, we decided to check out whether the newer version can maintain the high-performance level of its predecessor or not.

Like it happens with every chassis in NZXT’ H series, this one simply looks amazing. To give yourself a rough idea, just take a look at this finished build inside an H710i.

Apart from the small-sized NZXT’ logo, there’s nothing on the front size of the case which gives it a really minimalist look. The same happens on the top side where you have just a power button along with some USB ports and an audio jack.

The radiator mounting and vents stay behind the top cover, and all of this contributes to very clean look this chassis gives.

One of the side panels features tempered glass through which you can see how sophisticated your finished build looks like, while the other side has a non-glass panel that features the color (black or white) of the rest of this PC case. This time, NZXT has made removing the glass panel really easy by putting rubber grommets and just a single screw.

To be fair, it looks almost the same as H700i but have a useful upgrade in the form of single USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port at the front panel. According to many reviewers, this was the main issue with the H700i. So it feels good to see NZXT taking the feedback and making the change.

In terms of compatibility, you can put just about any motherboard up to the size of EATX into H710i. It comes with four AER fans and a single RGB strip pre-installed.

Moreover, these are connected to Smart Device V2 and can be controlled trough the NZXT CAM software.

As far as clearance is concerned, you can have GPUs as long as 413mm and CPU cooler as long as 185mm fit into it. In order to improve cable management, there’s a large aluminum slat which allows to route your cables into the integrated cable channels on the back side of the case.

If I were to nitpick any one downside with this PC Case, then it would’ve been the lack of color choices; you can only choose between black and white colors.

Apart from this, many features we discussed here are present in H700i which means there’s no point in upgrading if you already own an H700i.

But if that’s not the case, then this is the best mid tower chassis you can buy as of now.

Corsair Obsidian 500D SE: Check Price On Amazon

Best High-End Mid Tower Case 2020

Corsair releasing the Obsidian 500D and refreshing the Obsidian lineup was like a breath of fresh air. Especially when we did not really see anything from their top end case line up since the last Obsidian case.

The original 500D was a refreshing take on Obsidian, with some neat elements like the smoked tempered glass to complement the name of the case.

However, Corsair was not done with the Obsidian lineup. So soon after the release of the original 500D, they came out with the Corsair Obsidian 500D SE – a sexier version of the Obsidian 500D.

The change was that instead of a front aluminum panel, the SE version had a tempered glass, and it was launched with three 120mm LL fans which are their top tier and most gorgeous fans.

TAdditionally, the build quality on the Obsidian 500D SE is unmatched, especially when you look at the price. The looks are extremely sleek, and the combination of tempered glass and anodized aluminum is one of the best we have seen.

Although the Obsidian 500D SE is built on the same frame as the Crystal 570X, Corsair has fixed some issues. For instance, you can put a 280mm rad on top without any issues.

The biggest thing I didn’t like is the fact that Corsair re-branded their older chassis and slapped a new name onto it.

Addition to that, there is the cable management bar and it has made a return.

Although its implementation is a lot more clever than what some cases are able to do, the bar itself is not thick enough for custom-made cables, and while removing it gets the job done, it just beats the entire purpose.

Cooler Master H500M: Check Price On Amazon

Best Mid Tower Case For Airflow

Cooler Master’s decision of revamping the HAF (high airflow) series was met with a lot of enthusiasm, especially when you realize that there are not a lot of airflow centered cases available in the market.

The company released the H500P at a very competitive price, and now, we are looking at the higher-end H500M.

Now the main difference between the H500M and P is that you get a Type C on the front panel header, much better build quality, and the two 200mm RGB fans are now ARGB.

The cable management is a bit better as well.

On the front, you have a tempered glass panel instead of acrylic, and the case does ship with a mesh replacement as well.

The fans were already gorgeous in the original, but the fact that they are addressable just makes them look even better.

Both fans are 200mm in size and are capable of pushing enough air into the case. Needless to say, the case does deliver on the high airflow the HAF lineup was known for.

Cooler Master has also revamped the SSD mounting systems. You no longer have to screw anything, as the mounting system makes use of simple pegs that fit into place.

This is clever as if you have other 2.5 inch devices that need to be taken off and reinstalled. You can easily do so with great ease.

Even if you want to use this case for a liquid cooled monster, you can easily do so thanks to flexible radiator support on top and on the bottom.

Obviously, not all things are great with the Cooler Master H500M. 

The cable management system behind the motherboard is convenient thanks to all those panels, but it is important to keep in mind that some aspects of those panels are not as flexible as you would want them to be.

In conclusion, the Cooler Master H500M is a great case that lives up to its name. If you are looking for both form and functionality, I don’t think there is a better option available in the market.

Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic: Check Price On Amazon

Best Midrange Mid Tower Case

Lian Li is a popular brand when it comes to PC cases and they make a wide range of those cases so that any PC builder can choose one according to his needs.

In the case of PC-011, Lian Li probably tried to do something unique. So they designed it in a collaboration with Roman Hartung –  a well-known extreme overclocker.

On the front side, there’s a tempered glass panel along with a small-sized aluminium panel which features two USB 3.0 ports, one Type-C port, audio jacks, and the power button.

One of the side-panels also features tempered glass, and one good thing I found about the glass panels in this chassis is that you can’t remove those panels before removing the top panel. This mechanism virtually removes the risk of any accidental damage during the assembling process.

The non-glass panels, on the top and the left side, have slotted vents that help in the overall airflow. Over the back side of the case, we have expansion card slots and a mounting location for a power supply.

You can put PSUs up to the length of 210mm in this PC-011. One interesting thing I found here is that if you remove the cable management bar, you can put two 210mm PSUs here.

According to Lian-Li, two midrange PSUs cost less than one high-end model most of the times, and since this case is well-suitable to run multi-GPU setups, they decided to put the option of an additional PSU.

Lastly, there’s mounting space for three 120mm fans at the bottom side of the case. That being said, one potential downside here is that this chassis doesn’t come with any fan out of the box.

Yes, 3rd-party fans aren’t expensive but it would have been great of Lian Li to put at least one case fan into it. However, there’s no shortage of mounting space for these fans. In fact there’s so much space here that you can easily take the custom-loop if your budget permits.

Like in many mini itx cases, PC-011 features a dual-chamber design from the inside, where you put components like hard drive, PSU, and CPU cooler in one chamber of the case, while having the other chamber is for the rest of your PC components.

This dual-chamber approach gives a clutter-free look to your build. For storage, you can put up to three 3.5″ hard drives and up to six 2.5″ hard drives/SSDs.

Coming in at more than 125 bucks, PC-011 isn’t cheap. But if you want a slim, sturdy, but not-so-expensive mid tower chassis, Lian-Li’s PC-011 would be perfect match for you.

SilverStone (RL05BR-W): Check Price On Amazon

Best Budget Mid Tower Case 2020

SilverStone is one of those companies which never got their due in the PC gaming market.

Although they offer some great products, their case lineup has always been overshadowed by everything else they have been offering.

But they are back in the budget market.

Today, we are looking at the SilverStone (RL05BR-W), or Redline 05, a budget-oriented mid-tower that actually provides you with more features than you would think in the first place.

The chassis comes with two 140MM LED fans, and while the fans are not something to write home about, they do add value. You also get a PSU shroud which is not something that is rare, but at this price I am glad SilverStone included that.

Users can also install a 280mm radiator on the top and a 240 on the front. In addition to that, you also have a 5.25” drive bay that helps you put a device there if you want to.

The most surprising inclusion is the front panel Type C connector because this case is certainly aimed at those who want to save money, and there are many expensive cases that don’t come with this feature.

If you do have a large graphics card, do not worry, as it will fit without any issue.

SilverStone has also paid close attention to those who have longer PSUs, as there is plenty of space under the shroud. Additionally, you get two SSD mounts that you can install either on top of the shroud or behind the motherboard tray.

There are a few expected shortcomings though.

The filter is non-removable and is made out of metal that is not as fine. If you have a lot of cables that need to be tied down, then the bad news is that there are not enough cable tie-down points.

All in all, the SilverStone (RL05BR-W) is a lot more impressing than I thought it would be. Especially when you take into the account of the casing being a budget-oriented product.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a PC Case

If you are looking to buy a mid-tower case for your PC, you will be given a lot of options that you can choose.

However, with the latest fads of introducing RGB and tempered glass into nearly everything, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find something that strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

If you are looking for a good PC case then there are a few mistakes that you must avoid so you can buy the best possible case you whatever your budget is.

Avoiding these mistakes is generally good because at least you will not be buying something that ends up disappointing.

Looking Only For Aesthetics

As sad as it may seem, the PC Case market is largely based only on the aesthetic as a factor.

I know it certainly does not sound as bad as you may be thinking but I have reviewed cases that emphasize only on the looks, and at the same time, I have used cases that emphasize on both, and I can tell you that there is a world of difference.

If you are in the market looking for a good PC case, make sure that whatever option you are getting gives you both the aesthetics and functionality. Simply because if you go with just the aesthetics, you might get abysmal performance.

The best tip here is for you is that you should always go for the case that has the right amount of airflow and looks at the same time.

Avoiding The Cable Management Department

Mid-towers are great because they provide you with just the right amount of space to build a really powerful gaming PC, but at the same time, they are small enough to not cause any space issues.

The one very important factor of buying a mid-tower is the case has to do with cable management.

I have used some amazing mid tower cases that normally have terrible cable management, and I would advise you to not make that mistake as it can make you regret your purchase.

Always go for the case that has good cable management. 

Being Sold on the Marketing Terms

Marketing terms have always been a very integral part of the PC hardware. However, over the past couple of years, it has only become a lot more aggressive than it used to be.

Terms like VR Ready, RGB, and Tempered Glass are being used by so many companies.

If you are in the market looking for a case, I would highly advise you to avoid falling or being sold for these terms.

Simply because a lot of case manufacturers have actually got away with selling a lot of terrible cases all thanks to the terms that I mentioned above.

The best way out of this situation is to read up the reviews and see whether you are getting what you are paying for, or is it just the marketing fluff.

Choosing Form Over Function

Another big mistake that I see so many people making is that they choose form over function when it comes to most of the PC cases in the market.

Just because a case looks pretty with the tempered glass panel and under glow RGB lighting does not mean that it will be a treat to build.

For instance, I remember buying a case that looked gorgeous, and had all the features I needed. But when I started building in it, I started realizing that the case was more form than function.

Sure, it looked really pretty once my PC was completed, but at the cost of me spending 5 hours just trying to manage the cables, because the cable management was so poor.

That wasn’t all. Once the build was complete, the case had horrible airflow, and my components were running hotter than I thought they would.

Just make sure you do not make the same mistake.


Finding a good mid-tower PC case can be a challenging factor, especially when you realize that the market is extremely saturated.

The good thing, however, is that this roundup is for people who are generally confused and not really sure about what they want.