Smallest Micro ATX Case 2020

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Micro ATX cases are one of the smaller cases when it comes to size, and while some people might argue that these cases are not good enough, the good thing about them is that they are slowly becoming more and more popular all over again. Smallest Micro ATX Cases

However, ever since the form factor made a comeback to the mainstream, the market has become saturated at best, wherein, there are so many mATX cases available in the market that you can easily get confused.

Keeping that in mind, we have come up with the list of the smallest mATX cases that are available in the market. All of these cases are great in terms of form, functionality, overall value for money, and the performance.

Smallest Micro ATX Case 2020 Review Guide

With that said, we are going to explore the cases, review them, and let you know what we think about them. Keep in mind that these are all hand-picked, which means that your overall experience with them should not be bad and you will certainly not have to go around looking for more information on them.

Smallest Micro ATX Cases 2020 Review Guide

Let’s not waste more time and start looking at the smallest micro ATX cases available in the market. The experience is going to be good.

Thermaltake Versa H17

Smallest Micro ATX Case Under 50

Thermaltake Versa H17 - Smallest Micro ATX Case Under 50

There is no denying that when it comes to good PC hardware, Thermaltake has always been on the frontlines. They have released some interesting cases and other components in the market, and the best part is that they have something for everyone.

Today, we are looking at the Thermaltake Versa H17, a budget-oriented micro ATX case that tends to get the job done despite its small size.

The overall language of this case is fairly simple; it does not come with any fancy frills or any modern aesthetic features, and to be honest. Given the price tag, I do not mind that. Sometimes, you are looking for a case that is simple and works just fine and you can’t really go wrong with some simplicity from time to time.

Sure, there are some places where you can tell that Thermaltake cut the corners like the build quality is mostly average, but considering the price, it is justified. The Thermaltake Versa H17 does pose a great value for money, and that is one of the main reasons why we love this case.

The downsides are mostly related to the fact that the overall build quality of this case is average at best, and you do not get a tempered glass window. Something that has become so common in nearly every single case on the market.

Overall, if I am, to sum up, my experience with the Thermaltake Versa H17, I would say that you are getting what you pay for. there is nothing over the top about this case, and it is certainly not going to turn any heads.

However, for the price you are paying or this case, you are getting a lot of amazing features, and the best part is that you really do not have to worry about anything going wrong, either.

Just make sure that you have the appropriate hardware for this case because this is a micro ATX case and you will have to choose your components carefully or else you might not have the experience you have been looking for.

Thermaltake Versa H17 Black SPCC Micro ATX Mini Tower Gaming Computer Case CA-1J1-00S1NN-00
  • Solid and Silent: Designed with a Brushed Aluminum look front panel and solid panels
  • On the Go Compact Design: Pack in your parts for a compact design offers the perfect fit in small spaces or on the go
  • Tool free design: The innovative 2.5”/3.5” tool free drive bay design minimized the hassles of installation/removal

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Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L


The thing that we love about Cooler Master so much is that they have always tried their best to innovate in the best way possible. Sure, things did not always work their way but it is not really a bad thing considering just how much Cooler Master has progressed as a company over the past couple of years.

We are looking at the Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L, their take on micro ATX cases that are definitely set to make an impact in the market.

There are some pretty great things about the case; for starters, I really like the small form factor of this case and it actually comes with a pretty nice design that is not just good looks but also practical, as well. You can easily build inside the case without any issues, and the overall value of this case is one of the best.

You are buying this case for not a lot, which does make it a great value proposition for anyone who wants to have a decent experience overall. Last but not least, you even get RGB lighting, which in my opinion, is a great feature to have in a value-oriented case.

True, there are a few downsides that might raise concerns. For starters, the acrylic windows are prone to get scratched. While it may not pose as an issue to many, it still is something that we would like to have it out of the way. Additionally, the case does not come with instructions on how to properly use the RGB controller, either.

Overall, the good thing is that the Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L is one of the smallest, most value-oriented micro ATX cases that we have seen in the market.

It ticks most of the boxes, and does provide you with great value for money, all the while looking like a case that is much more expensive all thanks to the looks that it provides, where in reality, it does not cost half as much.

Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L Micro-ATX Tower with Magnetic Design Dust Filter, Transparent Acrylic Side Panel, Adjustable I/O & Fully Ventilated Airflow, Black (MCB-Q300L-KANN-S00)
  • I/O panel can be adjusted in 6 different locations and the Case can be positioned: Vertical or horizontal
  • Edge to edge acrylic transparent side panel offers a full view inside
  • Body depth height: Can support normal size ATX power supply

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CORSAIR Carbide AIR 240

High-End Smallest Micro ATX Case

CORSAIR Carbide AIR 240 - High-End Smallest Micro ATX Case

The reason why we love Corsair so much is a rather simple one. They have been consistent with their products for the longest time and whatever they do always tends to stick, as well.

Keeping that in mind, today, we want to shed some light on the CORSAIR Carbide AIR 240 one of the most famous micro ATX cases that have managed to make some serious waves, as well, and that too, for the right reasons.

Despite being small, you can fit up to 6 hard drives in it; the case does not cost a lot, and the cable management features are among the best. Additionally, the side window is huge, and even though it is not tempered glass, it does show off your components really well and without any issues.

The case is available in both black and white, and the best part is that you can actually build a really high-end system with dual GPUs and custom liquid cooling in this compact sized case. The case also is true its name and provides excellent ventilation through and through.

However, as you may have guessed, the case does not come without its flaws. For starters, we noticed that there were some discrepancies in the build quality, especially around the thumbscrew holes, and the case does not feel as premium as some of the other cases that Corsair has to offer like the Obsidian or Graphite lineup.

Overall, the Corsair Carbide Air 250 is a decent case, and while it may not be built for everyone, it still gives a great value proposition for those who are looking for a good experience. It is cheap, effective, and most importantly, it gets the job done without being too intrusive or outlandish.

CORSAIR Carbide AIR 240 Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX Case, High-Airflow - Black
  • Stunning, yet small Mini-ITX or MicroATX compatible PC case with excellent cooling performance - three 120mm fans included
  • Cleaner layout for the ultimate cooling cube; Case Windowed :Acrylic
  • Adore water cooling? Use two 240mm radiators with Mini-ITX or one 240mm radiator with a dual-GPU MicroATX setup

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Silverstone Tek SG02B-F


Silverstone is one of the few case manufacturers that are not as well known for some reason. However, the truth is that they are one of the most prominent companies when it comes to case and other amazing peripherals that have been making waves in the market for some time now.

To make things clearer, we are going to be looking at the Silverstone Tek SG02B-F, an unusually small case, but a good one, nonetheless.

It is priced competitively, and it is perhaps the smallest case we have reviewed so far. It actually has good enough room for most of the components, and while it does not look the most advanced or futuristic case in the market. The good thing is that it gets the job done and should not be a bother to a lot of people, either.

The hard drives are actively cooled thanks to the fan positioning so if you are worried that your hard drive might run too hot, you will not have to worry about that at all. Additionally, the installation process, in this case, is fairly simple and straightforward, and you will not really run into any issues, as far as the overall installation is concerned.

Moving on, you can actually fit a full sized, ATX power supply in it without any issues that might come in the way of your experience.

Not everything is fine and dandy, though. There are a few things we would like to address, here. For starters, the case is pretty nitpicky when it comes to cooler or G PU support. Same goes for power supplies, and carrying this can be a bit awkward, at best.

Overall, I have to say that the Silverstone Tek SG02B-F is a case that is for people with an acquired taste. It is not the perfect case right away, but that does not mean that it is a bad case by any means.

It actually works really well in most of the situations that you are going to put this case through and this case gives you such a good value proposition that it is hard to argue against it.

I have to say that if you are looking for a case like that, it is certainly one of the best smallest cases available in the market, and will not disappoint you, at all.

Silverstone Tek SG02B-F-USB3.0 ABS/SECC Steel MicroATX Desktop Computer Case with 2X USB3.0 Front Ports Cases (Black)
  • Steel structure for silent builds
  • Modern and cleanly styled SFF chassis
  • Enhanced cooling layout for high performance

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In Win 301

Smallest Micro ATX Case Under 70

In Win 301 - Smallest Micro ATX Case Under 70

There is no denying that when it comes to cases, In Win has enjoyed quite a lot of history. Known as one of the most prolific case makers in the market, they are always striving towards providing an experience that is different from what the market has to offer, and more importantly, a lot better, as well.

Today, we look at the In Win 301, a smaller but gorgeous looking case that provides a fairly decent value for money as well.

For starters, you are getting a case that is easily one of the prettiest and most aesthetic cases in the given price point. It does not cost a lot of money to look good and this case solidifies it. The great thing is that you are even getting a well-tempered glass side panel that works really well, and shows off your hardware in all its glory.

Speaking of hardware, the support is extensive, and as a matter of fact, you can fit pretty much everything as long as it is within the standards and dimensions that this case supports. The build quality of this case is also one of the best that we have seen in some time and it is definitely a solid case and will hold its own.

However, there are some issues that persist in this case; the airflow is restrictive at best, which goes to show that this case is better suited for liquid cooling. The cable management is limited too. So, this might not suit everyone.

Overall, the In Win 301 is definitely one of the good micro ATX cases available in the market. For the simplest reason that the case knows how to get the job done. It does not promise anything that it cannot deliver. I have to say, as a case enthusiast, I really enjoyed my experience with the In Win 301 and will definitely recommend it to others, as well.

InWin 301 Black Tempered Glass Premium Micro-ATX Mini-ITX Tower Gaming Computer Case
  • Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboard compatible
  • Detachable tempered glass side panel, remove by pressing a button
  • Clean front panel with stunning LED I/O Display

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Fractal Design Meshify C Mini


The last case on our list comes from another very popular brand amongst those who consider themselves as enthusiasts, and those who are looking to save money. We are talking about the Fractal Design, and the case that we are looking at is their newly released Meshify C Mini.

Now the interesting aspect that you need to know is that this case is actually based on the original Meshify C, which happens to be one of my favorite cases that have been released in the market. Needless to say, if it is looks and functionality you are looking for, the Fractal Design Meshify C is where the value is at.

Meshify C is great when it comes to providing you with airflow. Whether you are building a PC that focuses on airflow or a PC that focuses on water cooling, you are going to have a great experience as it can cater to both. The good news is that cable management is pretty great, too and you will not have any issues.

The case, in general, looks amazing, as well, especially from the front as those mesh patterns look amazing, too. Last but not the least, I am a huge fan of the tempered glass; I know it is the most rudimentary feature that you can find in a case in 2020, but it looks great and there is no way to deny that.

The only downside I can think of is that the case has some PSU limitations that it makes it a bit difficult for you to adjust a power supply.

Overall, the Fractal Design Meshify C Mini still happens to be one of my favorite cases. I have used the original and loved it just as much as I love the smaller one. The case is small, it works really well, and most importantly, it does not create any issues that might come in the way. Great value overall, and great looks, too.

Fractal Design Meshify C Mini -Compact Mini Tower Computer Case -mATX Layout -Airflow/Cooling -2X Fans Included -PSU Shroud -Modular Interior -Water-Cooling Ready -USB3.0 -Tempered Glass -Blackout
  • Streamlined high-airflow design: the performance and capacity of a larger tower in a remarkably compact Mid-tower size
  • Remarkably compact mATX design: the performance and capacity of a larger tower. Motherboard compatibility- mATX, ITX
  • Distinctive new styling with stealthy black-on-black aesthetic: designed angular mesh front panel maximizes air intake including lightly tinted tempered glass Side panel which offers users a clean and clear view of their components

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In conclusion, the one thing that we have to say is that there are so many good micro ATX cases available in the market that it can become difficult to pick the right one. The sudden rise in the popularity of these builds is one of the main reasons why more and more people are settling for these cases.

The good thing is that with these cases, you really do not have to worry about having a lot of desk space as you can pretty much fit them wherever you want to. However, it can be overwhelming to buy the right case because if you are not careful, you might end up going for something that is not worth your money.

This roundup tends to talk about the smallest possible micro ATX cases available in the market that should suit your build requirements fairly well.

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