Best Desk for PC Gaming on a Desktop 2021

Professional gamers, and hardcore enthusiasts too for that matter, play games continuously for hours and hours, without breaking a sweat.

After all, what’s a better way to improve your skills for a particular game, other than actually playing that game on and on.

But here’s reality check.

It’s easier said than doing for the most people. Sitting in front of your computer for a number of hours, can have a bad effects on your body, especially your eyes, neck, and the back.

That’s the reason why most hardcore gamers give more attention to the ergonomics of their gaming rig, rather than aesthetics.

The two most important accessories for ergonomics purposes are your gaming chair and gaming desk.

In this article, we’ talk about gaming desk.

Gaming desk, as their name implies, are the computer desks specifically made for gamers. But here’s a catch though. Most people think that you must buy a “gaming desk” to which, I beg to differ.

In my opinion, every computer desk can be good enough for your gaming rig, as long as that desk is of high quality. That’s the reason why I have mostly used these generic “computer desks” for gaming and most of the gaming desks in this list belong to the computer desk category too.

Before starting this review roundup about gaming desks, let me explain you some of the benefits of these computer/gaming desks.

Why Do You Need A Gaming Desk



Although most gamers buy anything from a utilitarian perspective, there are some people who put style ahead. The same goes in gaming desks. Many people buy them just because they feel and look good.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with that thinking. Everybody has its own thinking, and we can’t ‘brainwash’ someone.

More Space

One of the biggest advantage of computer desks is that they keep your whole PC setup organized. This, in turn, makes you utilize all of your space properly. These desk keep the clutter away and give you more space for, gaming.

Other than this, many computer desks contain special cabins for non-PC stuff, like books, bag etc.


One of the major drawbacks of modern technologies is the health related problems. That’s why you should give your health a top priority, whether you’re a pro gamer or just an average PC user.

In addition to that, when you’re free of any health concerns, you’ll surely enjoy your gaming much more than before. To get rid of these health related problems, you need a good gaming desk, may be a glasses pair too, along with a right gaming chair and a suitable keyboard (to prevent finger-injuries).

Cable Management

Most PC users hate the plethora of cables that come with their accessories. Let me tell you one thing; A good cable management is the difference between a messy/chaotic place, and an organized one.

Since most gaming desks come with cable management setups, there’a a real reason behind purchasing them.

Things to Look For In a Gaming Desk


Design should be your first concern whenever you’re out in the market looking for a desk.

When choosing a design, you should keep gaming rig in your mind. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself for this purpose, like “How many displays do I want in my rig” and whether you want wireless and wired gaming accessories.

In the case of former question, you should pick a large-size desk for multiple monitors, and if you’ll have wired gaming peripherals, then your desk you should have a good cable management system.

Build Material

After you’ve shortlisted the design you want your desk to be in, the next step is to select your preferred building material.

Believe or not, you should select the building material carefully because not doing so will make you buy a desk again after some time (which I think you’d never want).

Most commonly used desk-building material include glass, wood, PVC (thermoplastic) and steel. Here’s a bit detail about them

  • Wooden Desk. Most people choose wooden desk for their traditional design and elegance. Normally oak or maple wood is used the construction of these desks, which make them sturdier (and heavier) than the other types.
  • Glassy Desks. These types of desks mostly contain glass along with the steel frame. Although these desks are chosen on the basis of their style and modern look, they are more fragile than other computer desks, and can easily have fingerprints.
  • PVC/Vinyl. These desks are light (and less tough than wooden desks) in nature and preferred by people who want portability, like freelancers, digital nomads etc.

There are some other uncommon materials too, like metal and leather, but we won’t discuss them in detail here.


Many computer desks come with different types of drawers where you can put your useful tools/accessories, like a writing pad, a screw driver etc. Buying a desk with those storage options is up to you, honestly. If you have a lot of accessories like the above-mentioned ones, then should go for such a computer desk.


Yes, there are such people who prefer style over everything, even above than the substance. Those people should get a fancy looking desk, because they won’t like a traditional wooden desk.

Best Gaming Desk 2020 Brands



Z-Line designs is a well-known brand in Ready-To-Assemble furniture industry, due to its innovative designs . They’re a different brand than most in this list, because they integrate the Z-shape into their desks, in one way or the other.


For more than 30 years, Atlantic Inc. has been providing storage solutions for the different types of electronics accessories. Their products include Media Gaming Storage Solutions, work surfaces, and Furniture items,

The material they put in their products can be any one of the plastic, wood, and metal. Their products are also know for their angled and curved designs.


Sauder is one of leading furniture brands in America. Apart from office desks, they also excel is making other types of furniture like Sofas, Dining Tables etc. If you’re looking for a traditional computer desks, make sure to check Sauder first, before making any purchase.

Bush Furniture

Bush is another established brand, and like Sauder, they make all types of furniture, not just computer desks. One thing you’ll notice in their computer desks though, is that they have built-in support for cable management, which makes your overall setup very beautiful.


The story of DXRacer is a bit unique. In 2001, they started off as a manufacturer of sports cars’ seats. But in 2006, they shifted their focus towards the gaming industry, and made the first gaming chair (Yes, they make gaming chairs as well).

Nowadays, they make backpacks and racing simulators as well as gaming chairs and desks.

Best Gaming Desks 2020 Reviewed

ApexDesk Elite Series: Check Price On Amazon


The first desk we are looking at is the ApexDesk Elite Series; this is actually an entire series of some amazing desks that are available in the market, and the best part about these desks is that you can use it for work purposes as well. How good is it? Let’s find out.

Now the great thing about this desk is if you are looking for something that can change heights electrically, this is the way to go. The desk is available in a number of different sizes, which makes everything so much better.

Everything ranging from the hardware as well as the build quality is excellent, so you do not have to worry much. The assembly process is super easy and straightforward, and if you are looking for something ergonomic, this is the way to go.

On the contrary, the desk is not for people who exceed the average height because it can only go as tall. But this is something that happens to be a very common issue that a lot of people face.


  • Solid build quality.
  • Number of different sizes.
  • Sleek design.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Not ideal for taller than average people.

Yaheetech Home Office Computer Desk: Check Price On Amazon


Sometimes, simplicity is more than enough. This is a statement that a lot of us ignore thinking that it is not the case.

However, in reality, simplicity is the way to go in so many cases, and we have to take good care of that, as well. With that out of the way, the thing that you should know about Yaheetech Home Office Computer Desk is that it is made with simplicity in mind. How simple are we talking? Let’s find out.

For starters, the desk does not come with any height adjustment; I know it might be off putting to some people but when you look at the price you are paying, it starts making sense. The assembly of this desk is extremely simple.

You do not have to worry about anything going out of the way, so you can rest easy knowing that you are making the right decision. Another great thing is that despite being lightweight, the build quality is extremely satisfying and easy to manage.

You also have a decent amount of storage space, so you are good to go.


  • Affordable.
  • Extremely easy to assemble.
  • Plenty of space for clean storage.


  • None.

Respawn 2010 Gaming L-Desk: Check Price On Amazon


There is no way to deny that L-shaped desks are the way to go; they are excellent and the best part is that they can work in your favour without any issues.

Granted, they are a bit larger than what some people might want but they work really, really well for the nature of these cases. We are looking at the Respawn 2010 Gaming L-Desk.

The great thing is that it is pretty big, and has enough space for multiple monitor setups.

Not just that, if you have a laptop as well that you use for chatting or keeping track of other activities or social media, you can easily get that done using this desk. The desk has a maximum capacity of 200 lbs, so you can rest easy knowing things won’t be going out of the way.

As far as the downsides are concerned, the only point that I would raise here is that the desk is on the larger side, so if you do not have enough space, you might have some issues.


  • Enough space for multiple monitors.
  • Great payload.


  • Might be too big for some rooms.

Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Battlestation: Check Price On Amazon


If you are looking to spend all your savings on a desk, you might want to look at the Thermaltake Tt Gaming Level 20 RGB Battlestation.

This is by far the most advanced desk we have seen that comes with RGB lighting, electronically adjustable height and everything you could ask for in a gaming desk. Yes, it even has RGB lighting that can work with Razer or TT peripherals.

The great thing about this desk is that even when you take away all the fancy features, it still happens to be one of the more decent gaming desks available in the market. It works really well in all the cases, and once you do put up your gaming system on it, it really shines.

So, what is wrong with it? Well, at the moment, the support for lighting ecosystem is limited and we’d like ThermalTake to add more to what you are getting. Other than that, this is the desk to beat.


  • Loaded with features.
  • Looks excellent.
  • Built like a tank.
  • RGB lighting is just brilliant.


  • The lighting ecosystem is limited with support at the moment.

DXRacer GD/1000/N Series Gaming Desk: Check Price On Amazon


A company like DXRacer does not really need an introduction. They have been around for a long, long time and they have produced some excellent products over the past couple of years.

The great thing about them is that they are constantly releasing some of the best products in the market, and that is something that we all can agree. Today, we are looking at the DXRacer GD/1000/N Series Gaming Desk.

Now if you are looking for a desk that is small, but still has a lot of space for all the necessities, this is the desk to go for. Another great thing is that you do not have to worry much about the overall build quality of the desk, which is great to have.

The build quality is excellent as it combines materials such as ABS plastic, wood, as well as steel. You have a lot of space for wire management as well, so you are not being left behind in that department as well.

The desk might be a bit small for some; therefore, do keep that in mind.


  • One of the best build qualities.
  • Great when it comes to cable management.
  • Compact design.


  • Small for larger systems.

Atlantic Gaming Desk: Check Price On Amazon


The last desk on our list does not carry any fancy branding; it actually is one of the simpler looking desks that focuses more on the looks and keeping that in mind, you are getting great value out of it, as well. What’s so good about this desk? Let’s find out.

For starters, the great thing about this desk is that it has place for nearly everything. You can organize things the way you want to organize them and without any issues, whatsoever. Another great thing is that the desk does have enough space for larger displays, as well.

However, you might have to put the system on a second desk or a small pedestal. However, that is a minor inconvenience.

To be honest, with so many amazing things that you are getting from this desk, the only issue I have here is that the desk does not offer enough space for the system to be placed.


  • Great construction.
  • Lots of place for pretty much everything.
  • Good cable management.


  • Might not be enough for your system.


Choosing a good gaming desk might be a difficult ordeal for people who are not used to the concept of it. For the simplest reason, these desks are relatively new, so, making the right decision is not something everyone can go through.

Still, if you are looking for something great, and you want to be sure that you don’t end up with a desk that is not good enough then this is the list you should be going for as all the desks here are tested and reviewed thoroughly.