Best FPS Mouse 2020

FPS games are the ones in which you play as a PoV character and see all the action through “eyes” of the protagonist.

One major difference between FPS and TPS (Third-person shooter) games is that in TPS you can actually see the character you’re controlling. This functionality is not available in FPS games.

Besides the obvious entertainment point of view, FPS games can actually boost your brain performance and can help you improve your spatial reasoning, visual acuity as well as decision-making and hand-eye coordination).

Best FPS Mouse 2020 Buying Guide

  • Logitech Proteus Spectrum (Best FPS Mouse Overall)
  • Corsair M65 Pro RGB (Best FPS Mouse For Large Hands)
  • Razer Basilisk
  • NPET M20 RGB (Best Budget FPS Mouse)
  • Redragon M801 Mammoth
  • ​BenQ ZOWIE FK2 (Best FPS Mouse For Small Hands)
  • ​SteelSeries Rival 600 

Alright, so now an important question arises:

Why You Need a Special Mouse for FPS Games

Let me clear one thing: Having an FPS mouse won’t necessarily make you a better gamer. Instead, it will give you just a little bit of competitive advantage over your competitors – nothing more and nothing less.

Although FPS games are one of the most popular ones in the market (with games like Overwatch, Counter Strike), the number of good quality fps mice is surprisingly (or rather disappointingly) low.

That being said, for compiling this list, I have used more than 15 mice, and used them for a total of 100 hours (6+ hours for each) and here are our results.

Best FPS Mouse 2020 Review Guide

Logitech Proteus Spectrum: Check Price On Amazon

Best FPS Mouse 2020

Proteus Spectrum is a new version of the older G502 Proteus core mouse.

Proteus core was a critically-acclaimed gaming mouse and was popular among consumers as well. Here’s what I have found about its successor.

Logitech has tried not to reinvent the wheel and focused only on refining some of the elements of Proteus core. This strategy is good indeed because why change something that is already working.

That’s why they have retained some fundamentals of the Proteus core mouse, like that amazing PMV sensor.

Since this mouse boasts a 200-12,000 DPI-shifting on-the-go, tracking and precision is not really an issue.

Apart from that, this mouse comes with other bells and whistles of new gaming mice such as weight adjustability, customizable RGB lighting and 11 fully remap-able buttons for macros.

Next thing is Logitech gaming software, which (along with Razer synapse) many consider as the best in the business.

You can use this software to assign macros to program the buttons, assign RGB lighting and sync it with other Logitech products, and have different settings for different games.

Performance wise, this mouse feels very tough and I didn’t face any issue using it. That being said, it can only be used by right-handed people and may feel too-small for people with large hands.

Overall, I find nothing particular going against it, except for a few subjective preferences.

That’s why this is our top recommendation for fps gamers.

Corsair M65 PRO RGB: Check Price On Amazon

Best FPS Mouse 2020 For Large Hands

Unlike in other mice, the aluminum frame is used in the construction of M65 Pro. On the other hand, the top surface is plastic coated but still feels pretty good.

On its right and left side, this surface is textured but this doesn’t make it as grippy as some other mice.

On the upper side, there are five buttons. Aside from standard left, right and scroll buttons, you’ll be greeted by two DPI adjustment buttons (more on them later).

This mouse has eight customizable buttons to the macros for different games. There is a sniper button on the left side using which, you can shoot very precisely in FPS games. This button can have its uses outside the gaming, wherever precision is required.

Other than this, weight adjustability is also present in this rodent. You can remove these weights through a screwdriver or any tools like that.

This mouse is a successor the previous M65 mouse which used laser sensor. In this mouse, however, Corsair has replaced that one with an optical sensor. Optical sensors are considered to be better for gaming than laser sensors.

As its name suggests, this mouse does support RGB lighting. Using its software (Corsair CUE software), you can either set a static color or can be a pre-configured animated effect.

Other than this, there are many other tasks you can do with this software like button remapping, DPI adjustment etc.

Speaking of DPI, you can have a DPI as low as 100 to as high as 12,000.

There’re only a few problems I had with this gaming mouse. It is made for large and right-handed people and is not as grippy as some other mice in this list.

Moreover, it’s more geared towards gamers with palm-grip. That being said, if you fulfill all those above requirements, this is definitely a great mouse to have, that too in a not-so-expensive range.

Razer Basilisk: Check Price On Amazon

Best FPS Mouse 2020 For Palm Grip Gamers

Razer is a very popular brand in gaming peripherals’ market.

From laptops to keyboards to mice, they are making every type of peripherals in the gaming niche (even a gaming smartphone).

The mouse in question is Razer Basilisk, a perfect gaming mouse (almost).

First of all, this is Razer’s first attempt in the FPS mice market. Most companies don’t make specific mice for FPS games because FPS gamers need just two things to excel, for the most part:

  • A good set of switches and accurate sensor.
  • That’s probably the reason Razer came late into this party.

Anyways, let’s discuss this mouse.

As the case with other mice in this list, this one is for right-handed, palm-grip gamers and has a rubberized surface on its left and right sides. Unlike other mice which have DPI-changing button on their backside, this one has a DPI-clutch on its left side.

You can use this button to change your DPI, on the go.

By default, this button decreases the DPI sensitivity, for more precision and accuracy, but you can remap this button and change the DPI whichever way you want.

On its bottom side, it has a dial which lets you customize the scroll wheel. This way, you can have full control over your scroll wheel speed.

The front side is the usual affair. You have standard left and right buttons, and a scroll wheel.

These buttons have Omron switches and are very considered to be very durable (up to 50 million clicks).

Other than this, there are 8 different full programmable buttons. These secondary buttons don’t have Omron switches, however.

On a more technical side, Basilisk comes with Razer’s own 5G sensor and top-end DPI of 16,000.

For the software part, this mouse comes with a Razer synapse 3.0 version. This version is a beta phase but is pretty much complete.

Using this software you can create unlimited gaming profiles and save four of them in this mouse at one time. This saved profile can be used later, even if the Razer Synapse is not installed at that time.

Apart from this, you can change the RGB lighting, polling rate (from 125 to 1000Hz) as well as DPI options (from 100DPI to 16000 DPI) using this software.

Our overall experience of using this rodent was pretty good and the only gripe was the fact that this mouse is optimal for palm grip gamers only.

NPET M20 RGB: Check Price On Amazon

Best Budget FPS Mouse 2020

Most people think that gaming peripherals can’t be cheap. And that a company can’t build good-yet-cheap gaming hardware.

To prove us wrong, fortunately, there is the M20 RGB mouse by NPET, which costs a little more than 15 Bucks, at the time of this review.

That’s right, that’s the price of just four Starbucks’ cappuccinos.

Let me be clear that I’m not against any popular gaming brand, what I am saying is that there are many low-hanging fruits in the market, and in the end, it’s your budget that matters.

Here are a few of the highlights of this gaming mouse:

  • 6 Programmable buttons. Although it’s significantly less than what some other gaming mice offer, it will get the job done for the beginners.
  • RGB lighting. This thing is not so common in every mouse, so seeing it in this one is definitely a good feeling. You can choose between 16.8 million times to choose your favorite color.
  • Up to 4000 DPI. You can switch between the DPI through the DPI button (behind scroll wheel). There are 4 levels of DPI, each at the interval of 1000 DPI. Other than this, you can also change the polling rate from 125Hz to 1000 Hz.
  • This mouse uses NPET’s own switches, and while these switches match the Omrons, they are more than good in their price range.
  • Both sides of this mouse have dotted surface

Unlike all mice in this list, we didn’t do a full review of this mouse and that’s for a very basic reason. It’s because for this price, approx. 15 bucks, you can’t argue much.

So here’s our takeaway from this mouse.

This is a great option if you’re a beginner or you don’t have enough budget. If both conditions don’t apply to you, it’s better to look at other options.

Redragon M801 Mammoth: Check Price On Amazon

In case you want to go a step above NPET’s M20 mouse, but don’t want to go too expensive, we have M801 by Redragon for you. Priced at less than 30 bucks, it can be used as a budget option too.

So, let’s find out more about this mouse.

Design wise, this mouse is very comfortable. Unlike some other mice who have rubberized surface for extra grip, this mouse has thumb rest and finger rests on its left and right side respectively.

This extra space can be very helpful during long gaming sessions and prevent your hand from getting tired.

The one major drawback of this extra-space nature of this mouse is that it is not comfortable with claw and fingertip gripping styles.

M801 comes with 9 programmable buttons, which are not so much but no so few either. Other than this, it has Omron switches under its right and left buttons.

This, again, is a welcome feature in this price range. Along the left button, there is a “rapid fire” button too.

One good feature of this mouse is weight adjustability, something which doesn’t come even with some expensive gaming mice. This one comes with eight increments (2.4 g each) of weight adjustments.

Now comes the important question: The DPI.

Although this mouse is cheaper than most in this list, it boasts a whopping 16,400 DPI, which is more than enough even if you’re playing games on a 4K display. It has 30g acceleration and 1000Hz polling rate.

Using its software, you can save up to 5 different profiles for different games, and set RGB color for each of them. For extra durability, this mouse has TEFLON feet pads.

BenQ ZOWIE FK2: Check Price On Amazon

Best FPS Mouse 2020 For Small Hands

The thing you need to know about FPS games is that the people who play these games passionately or competitively are rather picky about the type of peripherals they are going to use.

Especially when it comes to gaming mice, because having a perfect aim is the one thing that every FPS gamer strives for, and if a mouse is creating problems in making that happen, then they are going to look for something that solves their problem.

The mouse here is by Zowie, a brand that is working under BenQ with only focus on gaming peripherals along with gaming monitors.

The mouse uses an Avago 3310 sensor that is tuned for FPS games, and I will be honest, using this mouse for precision shooting and having a great aim was a great experience. I did not face any issue whatsoever and was easily able to aim.

Another thing that I really love about the BenQ ZOWIE FK2 is that it is ambidextrous, and while I am right handed, the ambidextrous design ensures that the mouse is for everyone.

Moving on, the design language is super simple, with absolutely no ridiculous design language or aggressive angels. If you hate the RGB lighting, you are in for a treat as the mouse features no RGB lightshow whatsoever.

Another great thing here is that the mouse is completely plug and play, you simply have to plug it in and forget about driver installation or other settings that normally confuse you.

With all the good things aside, I cannot think of anything that is wrong with the mouse, but there are some issues.

The scroll wheel is not really that good.

If you have big hands, then you might have issues using this mouse as the overall body of this mouse is on the smaller side. Last but not least, the buttons on the side might be a bit small for people with bigger hands.

All in all, the BenQ ZOWIE FK2 is a great gaming mouse for FPS gamers that is held back by a mediocre scroll wheel.

But do not worry about the small buttons, or the overall body, as that issue is entirely subjective, and depends from person to person.

If you do have small hands, it will serve you really well.


  • checkAvago 3310 sensor
  • checkAmbidextrous design is good to have
  • checkPlug and play removes any hassle.
  • checkYou don’t need any software to set the mouse up
  • checkPerfect for any FPS game


  • The scroll wheel can be problematic
  • The mouse body is small that might be an issue for people with larger hands
  • closeThe side buttons are a bit too small

SteelSeries Rival 600: Check Price On Amazon

Best Ambidextrous FPS Mouse 2020

For the longest time, SteelSeries has been a company known for delivering some of the finest products in the market that caters to gamers from every category.

Today, however, we are looking at mice that are specifically designed for FPS gamers, and the first mouse that comes to my mind is the recently released SteelSeries Rival 600.

For all the right reasons as well, SteelSeries has done a spectacular job with the mouse, I was blown away with how the company has worked on it.

With that said, the good thing about Rival 600 is that SteelSeries does not market it as an FPS mouse, as a matter of fact, the mouse caters to gamers from every category, making it the best multipurpose mouse available in the market, and for all the right reasons.

It uses one of the best sensors available in the market, making it extremely precise and accurate, and if you are looking for something like that, you are in the right direction.

In addition to that, I love the design of the mouse as it is cohesive, and the overall aesthetic of the mouse is among the best I have seen.

This is complemented and enhanced by the fact that the mouse has one of the prettiest lights I have seen in any gaming mouse for a long time.

The RGB lighting is not over the top, but enough to enhance the looks of the mouse, and add character, which I admire.

Last but not the least, another thing I really like about this mouse is that you can tune the weights as per your preference or your liking as I know many people who prefer a lighter mouse, meanwhile, there are gamers who want a heavier mouse.

Therefore, having that feature is certainly a good thing. Another good thing is that the mouse has an ambidextrous design so whether you are left handed, or right handed, it will not be a problem.

Despite being a near perfect gaming mouse, the Rival 600 is not without any flaws.

First, the weight tuning of this mouse is somewhat awkward at first, and the software is not as polished as some users would prefer.

Still, these issues are not that big to stop the mouse from being one of the best of its class as the SteelSeries Rival 600 clearly proves that is capable of flexing all the amazing features that you get from a gaming mouse.

Whether you are playing FPS games, or some other games, the SteelSeries Rival 600 is going to help you achieve the best possible results.

And if you are skilled at the games you are playing, I can assure you that the mouse will not be failing you or letting you down.


  • checkAmbidextrous design is a blessing
  • checkOne of the prettiest lighting implementation
  • checkWeight adjustment is a blessing
  • checkThe sensor is class leading
  • checkThe overall design and aesthetic of the mouse is great


  • Adjusting weight is a bit awkward
  • The software is not the most polished