How To Charge Laptop with HDMI? Best Guide 2023

How to charge laptop with HDMI?

Laptop charging is a problem for a lot of people. If you are using a laptop and it has no way to charge, you can’t use it. But, if you want to charge a laptop, you will need an adapter. This post will explain how to charge a laptop using a computer monitor.

Can you charge a laptop with HDMI? If you’re a digital artist or photographer, then you know how important it is to have a reliable and stable power source to keep your laptop charged. There are two ways to charge a laptop: the USB port or the HDMI port. The HDMI port is generally preferred by many artists and photographers because it is more versatile and can be used to charge an iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S6, and other devices. This post describes how to charge a laptop using the HDMI port.

This article shows you how to charge a laptop with an HDMI cable, how to connect a laptop with an HDMI cable, and how to use an HDMI cable.

How To Charge Laptop with hdmi
Charge Laptop with HDMI

How to charge laptop with hdmi?

1. Using Universal Adapter

Nowadays, almost all laptops are using HDMI ports to connect to the display, but it has its drawback, i.e. it is too small to connect to a big display, and it has no power supply. To solve this problem, we have to use a universal adapter.

There are many universal adapters available for sale, but some of them are cheap and some of them are not. So today, I’m going to tell you how to charge a laptop with HDMI Using Universal Adapter, in order to solve the problem that we cannot use a big display because it doesn’t have a power supply.

There are three ways to charge a laptop with HDMI Using Universal Adapter, and I will tell you how to charge a laptop with HDMI Using Universal Adapter.

First way: use a universal adapter to connect a big monitor to a laptop, and plug a cable from the laptop into the universal adapter.

Second way: connect a laptop to a universal adapter via a standard USB to VGA cable.

Third way: connect a computer to a universal adapter via an HDMI to VGA cable.

2. Using Laptop’s HDMI IN Port

  • 1. Connect HDMI cable between laptop and TV or set-top box.
  • 2. Switch on the power of the TV or set-top box.
  • 3. Turn on the laptop, it will automatically detect the HDMI input port.
  • 4. Click the picture in the bottom right corner to select the input source.
  • 5. A blue light will show up on the screen of your laptop, indicating that the HDMI port is working.

Note: If you want to connect your laptop to a computer monitor, your laptop needs an adaptor that can support both VGA and HDMI ports.

  • 6. Select the right mode of display in the menu of the computer monitor.
  • 7. If the screen is blank, you need to wait for a moment before the video signal is transmitted. Done!

There are two other ways to charge a laptop an external monitor or HDMI cable. The first way is to connect the laptop directly to the monitor. You can charge the laptop while it’s connected. It can be convenient to do so, but it can also be very tiring on your battery.

The second way to charge a laptop is to use an HDMI adapter. An adapter is a small box that connects to your laptop’s HDMI port and plugs into the power outlet. You plug the HDMI adapter into the wall and plug your laptop into the adapter. Then you can charge the laptop while connected to the HDMI adapter.

Both methods work well and both can be convenient depending on your needs. However, an adapter has the advantage of charging your laptop while it’s still plugged into the wall. If you’re in a hurry, this is a great option.

Charge your laptop with HDMI

HDMI cables have been a great tool for many years. However, it seems that a lot of people don’t understand what they’re actually doing with them.

An HDMI cable can be used to transfer audio and video from one device to another. However, the best thing about HDMI cables is that they can be used to charge your smartphone, tablet, and other devices using an AC adapter.

So, in short, if you have an HDMI cable, you should plug it into a power outlet, and your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc will charge.

Find the right HDMI cable

One thing you need to be aware of is that there are two types of HDMI cables. One type has a digital signal and the other has an analog signal. If you want to charge a smartphone or tablet, you need to go for the digital version of the HDMI cable. So if you need a charging HDMI cable, you need a type that has a digital HDMI port.

Get the right size of HDMI cable

There are many HDMI cables out there. Some are made with very thick wires, while others are made with thin wires. The best thing is to buy the correct cable. Some people have found that even the thickest of cables are too thin, and not enough for the job. So, if you are going to buy one, go for a thicker one.

How to charge a laptop with an HDMI cable?

It’s pretty easy to charge your laptop with an HDMI cable. You only need to get the right HDMI cable and put the laptop on top of it.

You can follow the steps below to charge your laptop:

  • Turn on your laptop.
  • Plug your laptop into the HDMI cable.
  • Put your laptop on top of the HDMI cable.
  • Wait for a few minutes for your laptop to charge.

Why does my laptop not charge with HDMI?

If your laptop does not charge with an HDMI cable, there are several reasons why. You can check if the issue is with your laptop or the HDMI cable.

Check if your laptop has the right ports for HDMI. If it does, then make sure you put the HDMI cable in the right port.


In conclusion, If you are trying to charge your laptop by using a cable, you have to make sure that you have plugged in all of the wires and cables properly. How to charge laptop with HDMI Also, you have to connect the cable to your laptop with the correct ports. It can take some time to find the right port, so it is important that you follow the guide that I provided on this page. Also, you can use other accessories such as a power bank for charging your laptop if you have issues with the USB cable.