10 Tips To Become A Better Player In Wolfenstein 2

There is no denying that Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is one of the best FPS games to come out in a long way.

Just when people thought that the FPS genre that focuses on a single player more than anything is slowly dying, Bethesda and idTech gave us the masterpiece that will be remembered for ages to come.

The surprising thing about Wolfenstein 2 is that it does not have any multiplayer; but you do get to kill a lot of Nazis, which is equally, and all the more satisfying than playing online.

With that said, the game does pose some challenge for the FPS gamers due to its fast-paced nature, and I understand that some people might be having difficulties mastering this game. That is why I am writing down this article to help you get better at this game. Do know that these tips will ask you to follow a certain play style, so if you have your own play style that is effective, you can follow it.

Always On the Move

There is no denying that Wolfenstein 2 is a pretty fast-paced game; whether you are talking combat, or the pacing itself.

That is why it important to be always on the move; pick up the health, armour, ammo, whatever comes in your way, and when you encounter enemies, make sure that you stay behind the same cover for a long time because enemies do tend to flush you out with a barrage of shots, or worse… grenades.

Draw Out Your Enemies

Enemies in Wolfenstein 2 are anything but dumb meat sticks; they are smart, and they know what to do to take you out of the cover.

However, there are clever cover points placed all over the map that you can actually defend a lot easier, and without any issue whatsoever. If you think you are being out gunned, you can use those covers and draw out your enemies; force them to come to you, and then take them out.

Do Upgrade Your Weapons

A good addition to Wolfenstein 2 was the weapon upgrade kits; these are available for all the weapons in your arsenal, and the best thing is that you can’t buy them. As a matter of fact, you will have to search for them in various maps. They can give your weapons some sweet upgrades, and make them the best killing machines you could have asked for.

Alternate Paths Are Your Friend

Although Wolfenstein 2 is linear for the most part, one of the biggest upsides of this game is that it does contain some alternate paths as well. At first I thought that these alternate paths offer nothing more than some collectibles, or items like that, but in reality, they actually lead you to different areas.

This is specifically important if you are trying to avoid fighting because you have low ammo or not enough health. These paths can truly be a game changer for people looking for an alternative way to play.

Stealth is Good

Sometimes you do not feel like being the usual B.J. Blazkowicz, and want to sneak up on Nazis and kill them. Well, what do you know? Wolfenstein 2 has all the basic stealth elements that you can use without any issue, and take the enemies out. However, do keep in mind that some areas have alarms spread out, so if you are planning on taking someone out, do it carefully and make sure no one else triggers the alarm because then you will have to reprise your gun-wielding self.

Do Not Waste Big Weapons

It would not be a Wolfenstein 2 game without awfully large and powerful weapons that you can use to eviscerate people on the field. However, the thing is that the game does have large enemies that are not easy to kill with your usual arsenal of weapons. Some people make the mistake of using the large weapons on the normal infantry, and they later run into the problems with the bigger enemies.
That is why I suggest you use the big weapons only on the large enemies, because it will be much easier and quicker rather than using all your ammo on the bigger enemies, and wishing you had not done that.

Dual Wielding is Awesome

Another great thing about Wolfenstein games is that you can dual wield pretty much any combination of weapons, and while it might not make much sense to some people, the good thing about it is that it makes up for utter, and total carnage that can lay waste anyone that comes in your way. However, you do have to give up the accuracy, as with dual wielding, you will not be able to aim down the sights, but that should not be a problem because when you dual wield, nothing really matters.

The cover is Your Friend

There are several sequences in Wolfenstein 2 that can easily overwhelm any player, and have them die over and over again. The simplest and best way to deal with a situation like that is to make sure that you take cover to avoid enemy fire until you can quickly plan out what to do next. Just don’t stay behind the cover for too long, because the enemies are smart and strong, and will do everything to make things difficult for you.

Perks and Contraptions Change the Game

Weapons are not the only thing you can upgrade in Wolfenstein 2. The game also offers a number of perks to choose from, and in addition to that, you will get to choose between 3 contraptions once you are halfway through the game. The contraptions are actually game changers, and you can truly unleash hell upon those who wish to come in your way. Do make sure that you use the contraptions to your advantage and I can assure you that your overall gameplay experience will be much better.

Keep an Eye Out for Maps

In order to increase the immersion of the game, there are no maps every time the mission starts, so you have to find your way to places. However, the good thing here is that the maps are scattered around the places, so you can easily find your way if you get lost, which does not seem like something that can happen considering the maps are linear for the most part.


There is no denying that Wolfenstein 2 happens to be one of the best first person shooting games that we have played in a long, long time.

There were some mixed hopes with the game because the original was so good, so we thought that it might not be possible to reach the same potential but to our surprise, Wolfenstein 2 managed to defeat all the expectations and became the best first-person shooter to release in recent years.

The tips and tricks will help you achieve the best possible experience while playing this insane, fast-paced shooter that we might not be seeing again for a long time because it is not easy to achieve this level of awesomeness time and again.