Best Fortnite Settings

There is no denying that Epic Games’ Fortnite has amassed a massive audience ever since its release with millions of players playing the game actively.

Although Fortnite can be seen as a game that rivals the likes of PUBG, both games offer drastically different experiences – while PUBG gives you a more realistic approach to gunplay, Fortnite offers more a more fun approach, making it so much more different than its competitor.

With that said, if you are getting into PC gaming, and you want to play Fortnite, but not sure how to start with the settings and everything, then don’t worry. This article will help you make most of your PC. By following this guide, you will be able to achieve the maximum frames you can based on your specs as well.

Computer Settings

The first thing we are going to do is optimize the computer itself. Now when I say optimize the computer, I mean making some tweaks so that the game starts running better on your computer.

Make sure you update your GPU drivers to the latest version before proceeding. Now that everything is out of the way, follow the guide below. Since AMD GPUs do not provide this sort of customization outside the games, this is exclusive to Nvidia.

  • Open NVIDIA Control Panel, and find Manage 3D Settings.
  • Once you are there, click on the Program Settings and then look for Fortnite. For instance, if the game is not there, you can click on Addand then navigate to where the game is installed.
  • Now scroll down and find “Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames” and set that value to 1.
  • Also look at Monitor Technology, and enable G-Sync if your monitor supports it.
  • Also make sure that Multi-Display/Mixed GPU Acceleration is set to single display performance mode.

The above mentioned settings are just some settings that you can change, or make in the Nvidia control panel, and they are more than likely to improve the performance of your game. However, they will not make a lot of difference. Especially not a lot when you compare it with the difference the in-game settings would make.

Tweaking the Game Settings

As always, these settings are responsible for giving you the most performance, so it is safe to say that tweaking these settings would have the biggest impact. The good thing here is that tweaking these settings is not all that difficult. You just have to follow some of the basic guides, and that’d be all.

Let’s look at how you can tweak the settings.

  • The first thing you need to do is to launch Fortnite, and then click on Battle Royale.
  • Once you are there, go to the Settings – you have to do it by clicking the three lines at the top right corner of the screen, and then click the gear icon.
  • If your game is in the windowed mode, then I would suggest that you shift it to full screen mode for better performance overall.
  • Now you need to make sure that you set the frame rate to unlimited.
  • Check out the 3D resolution option and make sure it is set to 100 percent.
  • Next up, you can set the view distance to max.
  • Shadows should be off as turning them off makes it easier for you to play.
  • Same goes Anti-Aliasing, but keep in mind that if you are playing at 1080p resolution, you should let this one stay on.
  • The next up is the textures, and normally, these would have the most adverse effect on your game, so try turning them high, as well as on medium to see what happens. If the performance difference is a lot, then you can stay at medium, otherwise, you can always shift without any difficulties.
  • Effects will normally eat up your frames per second, and in a game like Fortnite, frames do mean a lot, so make sure that you turn the effects down if you think your PC is not powerful enough.
  • Post processing is another determinant known for eating up your frames, so make sure to turn that off as well.
  • Next up, turn off v-sync but only do so if you have a FreeSycn or a G-Sync capable card/monitor combo. Otherwise, you will not be getting the best out of your performance.
  • You should also turn off motion blur because it gives you no positive or negative impact, but makes the game unrealistically weird.
  • Set the grass to off.
  • Now save the settings and we’re done.

The above settings are based on the ones that will give you the best performance on a computer that is not powerful enough. If you have a PC that is powerful enough, you can make changes according to your own preference and your specs.

For instance, if you have a $1,000 PC, you are more than likely to have no issues when running Fortnite, as the game demands absolutely no high end specs. However, if you are planning on running this game on a relatively cheaper PC, then you do need to make these changes. Again, as I have said it before, these changes are completely subjective, and will vary from PC to PC, so do keep that in mind.


Fortnite is just one game in the series of games that we will be talking about on the website. With that said, these settings are surely going to help you get the most out of the performance from your PC, and truly enjoy the Fortnite experience that most of the gaming world is going crazy over.

If there are more ways you can talk about tweaking the game for even better performance, feel free to list them down below, and I will make sure that I have a look at them.

For now, these settings are the ones you want to go for if you are in search of the best possible performance in Fortnite. Stay tuned, and be sure to check out other articles posted on the website, until next time.