Where can I buy the RTX 3080 In Stock?

Update: 11:05am PST. No luck. Tried 3 sites at 5:59 am, refreshing like mad. Had a card from Best Buy in my cart, but couldn’t complete checkout. What a crazy launch. Every stock of the 3080 sold out instantly. Cards are eBay are already looking like 2x+ retail pricing: RTX 3080 In Stock on Ebay... Read more →

Ryzen 7 2700X vs 3700X

Since the last 12 months or so, AMD is really dominating the CPU market. Before that, AMD’s offerings were considered low-budget alternative to that of Intel. But not anymore. Their Ryzen 3rd-gen series, released in July 2019, consists of 14 processors targeting different users and price sections and have been liked by the reviewers as... Read more →

Is G2A Legit For Game keys?

As someone who’s been playing games for a number of years, I know buying them at full price is not something that a lot of people can actually do. The reason behind this is rather simple. The standard version of an AAA game usually costs $60, and at times, there are several AAA titles releasing... Read more →

Single-Channel vs Dual-Channel vs Quad-Channel RAM Memory

If you have ever had the chance to buy RAM in the market, it is safe to say that you must have come across terms such as single, double, or quad channel memory. Normally, as a consumer, you might think that the higher the channels, the better the performance. That is because, for the longest... Read more →

GDDR5 vs GDDR5X vs HBM vs HBM2 vs GDDR6

When we are looking at the different sort of graphics card memory, we are reminded of the traditional memories. Well, that is mainly because the lettering is the same, so it can bring forth some confusion that people have to deal with. However, we can assure you that these memories are predominantly different from what... Read more →

AMD Ryzen 3 vs Ryzen 5 vs Ryzen 7 vs 9

By now, we are all aware of just how successful AMD’s comeback has been, to the point that AMD almost dethroned Intel as the processor king in the market. However, the one thing that still confuses most people is the difference between the numbers that AMD use for their processors. Namely, Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5,... Read more →

What Is Intel Optane?

There is nothing worse than having a computer that is slower than you might like. Imagine spending a lot of money on a computer only to realize that it is becoming slower by the day. There are surely a lot of things you can do to speed things up but more often than not, the... Read more →