Best Monitor For Gaming on the Xbox One X 2020

Xbox One X happens to be one of the best consoles available in the market.

Not only does it support 4K, but it also has support for another great tech like HDR that will make your gaming experience a lot better With that said, if you have just got an Xbox One X and you are looking for a monitor for your console, you are at the right spot.

Best Xbox One X Monitors 2020 Buying Guide

In this roundup, we are going to be exploring some of the best monitors for Xbox One X that you can buy and have great gaming experience.

Samsung CHG70: Check Price On Amazon

Best High-End Gaming Monitor For Xbox One

Samsung has a long history of giving us some of the best monitors available in the market, and today is no different.

We are looking at the Samsung CHG70, one of the top gaming monitors available in the market that comes with a few nice tricks up its sleeve. Although the monitor is great for an Xbox One X, it will actually be great for PC gaming and content creation, too.

Starting off with the good things, the monitor gives you stunning 1440p resolution that is sharp, and looks amazing. The HDR support is among the best, and both PC and console gamers can make use of it without any issues.

The colour accuracy is another thing that I love a lot; this monitor can easily serve those who use Adobe creative suite in their free time. Another important thing that we would like to mention is that the I/O is rather surprising.

On the other hand, there are a few concerns.

The ultra-wide aspect ratio means that the games on Xbox One X will have black bars on the side, and the monitor does not come with built-in speakers so you will have to do something about that situation.

With some minor gripes, the Samsung CHG70 is one of the best monitors you can buy for an Xbox One X or for a PC.

Whether you are playing games on it, editing movies, or editing photos. This monitor is not going to let you down and will allow you to perform your tasks without any worries whatsoever.


  • Excellent looks.
  • HDR is fantastic.
  • The monitor works great on both consoles and PC.
  • The amazing color accuracy allows you to do content creation without any issues.
  • Decent choice of I/O ports.


  • There are no in-built speakers.
  • The 21:9 aspect ratio is not suitable for Xbox One X since it officially only supports 16:9.

LG 27UD58-B: Check Price On Amazon

Best Gaming Monitor For Xbox One In Terms Of Value

LG has never shied away from giving us some of the best products available in the market.

Their displays are among the finest in the industry. Whether you are looking for an LG monitor, or an LG TV, we can assure you that your experience is going to be amazing thanks to how full of quality they are.

Today, we take a look at the LG 27UD58-B, an affordable monitor that comes with 4K and some nice tricks up its sleeve.

To start with, the good things are as followed; the monitor comes with 4K resolution that is running on an IPS panel. Which by default, means that the image quality is great and so are the viewing angles. This also means that not just gamers, but content creators as well.

Additionally, you have a lot of great features including a 5ms response time which is respectable for an IPS panel, and AMD’s FreeSync. However, keep in mind that as of now, the FreeSync is only limited to PC but will probably soon arrive on consoles, too, if the reports are right.

The price of the monitor is another factor that makes the deal all too sweet, allowing you to invest in it without having to worry about anything else that might come in the way. You also get 4K, so whether you are on an Xbox One X or a PC, you can enjoy high res content without any issue.

If you are looking for the downsides, there are not a lot. After all, this monitor does check most of the boxes.

However, the one thing that did bother me is the fact that the stand only supports tilting. So, you might have to invest in a 3rd party monitor stand. Additionally, the FreeSync works only through DisplayPort, and not HDMI. Which is fine for most people.

Overall, the LG 27UD58-B is definitely one of the most respectable monitors available in the market that gets the job done without any issues whatsoever. For anyone who is looking for a great monitor for Xbox One or for your PC. More importantly, it is good for not just games, but also for stuff like content creation and content consumption.


  • Excellent value for money.
  • Loaded with impressive features.
  • AMD’s FreeSync is great to have.
  • Great viewing angles thanks to IPS.
  • Amazing image quality through and through.


  • The stand only tilts.
  • FreeSync only works through Display Port and not through HDMI.

LG 27UK650-W: Check Price On Amazon

Best 4K Gaming Monitor For Xbox One

Another LG monitor that we are going to be about right now is the famous LG 27UK650, as we all know, LG has a long list of amazing monitors available in the market that could get the job done without any issues, whatsoever.

This monitor does come with all the trademark features of a good gaming monitor, and some more that will only make your experience better when you are gaming.

One of the best things about the LG 27UK650 is that the fact that it comes with vibrant colors that are consistent throughout the entire color gamut.

This is all due to the IPS panel that LG is using in this monitor, and since we are talking about an IPS panel, we can assure you that the overall viewing angles are also great. The image quality is one of the finest, too, and there is plenty of detail that you can find in the whatever you are watching.

That is only enhanced with the fact that this monitor comes with support for HDR, making everything look much better, vibrant, and with a lot more detail. You also get treated to low input lag and quicker response time than your average television for gaming consoles.

The monitor is also 4K supported, so you are good to go. Last but not the least, the inclusion of AMD’s FreeSync is also great to have if you wish to use it as a PC monitor too.

As far as the downsides are concerned, my only issue with the otherwise amazing LG 27UK650 is that the monitor’s stand does not have swivel or other movement options.

In conclusion, the LG 27UK650 is one of the best monitors out there for all your purposes. Whether you are gaming, watching movies, or editing photos slash videos, you are going to have a great overall experience.


  • Excellent color accuracy.
  • 4K is a great feature to have.
  • AMD FreeSync works great on PC.
  • The monitor has fantastic image quality.
  • The viewing angles are perfect.
  • No noticeable input lag is there.


  • The stand only has no swivel option.

ASUS MG28UQ: Check Price On Amazon

One of the best monitor brands out in the market is Asus, over the past couple of years, they have produced some amazing monitors that are able to provide excellent experiences through and through, and today is no different.

Today, we are looking at the amazing ASUS MG28UQ. One of the higher end models from Asus’ monitor lineup that does offer a lot of versatility. How good are the monitors, let’s find out?

First things first, the monitor has FreeSync compatibility and while console gamers might not like that at all, if you are planning on having multiple uses from this monitor, you are good to go. The value for money is amazing thanks to the fact that you are getting FreeSync and UHD resolution in the same package.

The base is one of the sturdiest we have seen and it looks great with those red accents.

Since we are on the topic of the base, the ASUS MG28UQ comes with one of the best stands with a lot of adjustment options that you can use to truly make the monitor your own and customize it however you want.

The legendary Asus on-screen display returns, and it is packed with features, just like it has been for years now; it is easy to navigate, simple to use, and most importantly, extremely versatile.

My only issue with the ASUS MG28UQ is the fact that when it comes to color accuracy, it is not the most accurate monitors out of the box.

However, with some fine tune adjustments that you can make, you will be able to get great colors out of this monitor, making it a viable choice for anyone who is looking to save some bucks and still get a great monitor.

If we are to draw a conclusion here, we would definitely talk about how the ASUS MG28UQ is one of the most compelling monitor available in the market. All thanks to its great set of features and easy accessibility.


  • Great price to performance ratio.
  • Comes with 4K resolution and AMD FreeSync.
  • Great for all sorts of purposes.
  • The base looks good.
  • The stand also has a lot of adjustment options.


  • The monitor requires some tuning to get the best color accuracy.

ViewSonic XG2402: Check Price On Amazon

Best Budget Gaming Monitor For Xbox One

The last monitor on the list is going to be from ViewSonic, and as we all know, ViewSonic has had a history of some of the most impressive monitors in the market.

Even though the company does not experiment with weird, conceptual technology, it is still great to know that they are actually looking to provide the best possible experience to those who are looking for it.

Keeping that in mind, the ViewSonic XG2402 is the monitor we are reviewing today.

Starting off, we must tell you that this is perhaps the cheapest monitor on the list. But do not let it fool you, it comes with an extremely low response time of 1ms, 144hz refresh rate, and full HD resolution.

The monitor also supports AMD’s FreeSync technology, so if you ever plan on using it with your gaming PC, you are going to have a lot of fun doing so. You have access to plethora of ports, and the best part is that the monitor is extremely affordable.

On the flipside, there are some concerns that I would like to mention. For starters, the monitor has really average built-in speakers. So you would be better off with a proper setup.

Additionally, the TN panel means that the viewing angles and color accuracy are average at best.

Overall, the ViewSonic XG2402 is actually a decent monitor for the price you are paying for it. The monitor will be great whether you are looking to play games on your PC, or console. Just do not expect any miracles, and you would be good to go.


  • The monitor is easy on the pocket.
  • Good screen size and resolution.
  • 144Hz is great for PC gaming.
  • 1ms response time means no input lag of any sort.
  • AMD FreeSync can work wonders in PC gaming.
  • You have a lot of ports that you can use.


  • The in-built speakers are average at best.
  • The viewing angles and color accuracy are average at best.


A lot of people are going to tell you to invest in a TV if you are looking to use something for an Xbox One X, but we have already talked about why monitors are a smarter option and will definitely serve you well.

In order to make sure that your buying experience goes as smoothly, we have created this roundup so you do not have to worry about finding the best monitor.

All the monitors that we have listed are going to be great for gaming on an Xbox One X, or a PC.

Why You Need a Monitor for Xbox One X

This is an important question because most console gamers that you will run into will be gaming on a console. So, what is the purpose of buying a monitor in the first place? This can be a confusing part as TVs work perfectly fine with console.

However, if you do opt for a monitor instead of a TV, you are going to get some great benefits that are hard to ignore or overlook.

Below, you will find the reasons why you need a monitor for Xbox One X.

Future Proof

Simply put, by going with a monitor for your Xbox One X, you are basically future proofing your purchase. You will not have to worry about buying a separate monitor should you decide to build a gaming PC later down the road.

Almost all the monitors in the market now support multiple display input options, so you can just plug in the monitor to both your PC and your Xbox One X. Talk about a win-win situation.

Better Specs

Another benefit that you are going to get is that you will have better specs in a monitor than you would in a TV priced at the same point.

This is something that most people completely overlook, but if you are looking to be the smart buyer, always opt for a monitor over a TV, unless you do need a TV so you can have access to television channels.

Better Image Quality

Unless you are buying an OLED panel, which is going to cost you a lot, going for a TV might result in you experiencing average image quality at best.

In such situations, the best thing to do would be to go with something like a monitor because with monitors you can get better image quality.

The image quality is better mainly due to the fact that you are getting an IPS panel, and possibly a screen that has an IPS panel instead of the traditional VA panels that are used in the TVs.

More Options

Sure, there are so many TVs available in the market that you can easily get confused buying the right one. But when it comes to monitors, there are even more.

Partly due to the fact that there are so many different manufacturers that are selling their monitors with different features, too.

If you are serious about a monitor, and you want to use a gaming PC with it, as well. We would suggest you spend more money and opt for something that has a higher refresh rate, and possibly adaptive sync so you can have the best of both worlds.

Input Lag

One of the most common issues that TVs go through is the issue known as input lag. While it can be resolved by having something as simple as game mode.

Not all TVs come with that feature, and if most of them do, it is largely software based than hardware. Thankfully, such issue does not exist on monitors.