Best Surround Sound Headphones 2020

If you are a gamer, then buying a 7.1 surround sound headphones pair might make more sense to you than buying headphones without surround.

Many gamers have testified that the surround headphones provide better positioning as compared to the ordinary ones, giving the gamers a competitive edge, especially in online gaming.

Best Surround Sound Headphones 2020

  • Sennheiser RS 175 RF
  • HyperX Cloud II
  • SteelSeries Arctis 5
  • Logitech G230
  • Razer Kraken 7.1 V2
  • Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon

Reasons You Should Buy a Surround Sound Headphone

Buying a surround sound headphone can have many reasons than one; especially if you happen to be an ardent gamer who just want the best possible gaming experience when it comes to audio. Below are some reasons why you should buy a surround sound headphone.

Immersive Experience

If you are the type of gamer who likes to get fully immersed and feel everything that is happening in the game, the surround sound headphones are highly suggested because they transport you to a level of immersion that you don’t get with the stereo headphones.

Though, this is only limited to gaming, as music experience might not be pleasant.

Great Positional Audio

Another reason why you should go for surround sound headphone is that they offer amazing positional audio that happens to be among the best.

The ability to tell where the bullets are coming from, or where the footsteps are coming for is amazing because it lets you take full control of the game you are playing.

Many people have called it cheating, but even by the rules of several games, it is completely okay to use surround sound headphones without an issue.

Best Surround Sound Headphones Buying Guide

Sennheiser RS 175 RF: Check Price On Amazon

Although Sennheiser never really marketed the RS 175 RF as gaming or surround sound headphones, after thoroughly testing it, I have realized just how good they are.

It is based on the same RF formula, but you can connect it with your computer, TV, or pretty much anything thanks to the added cables that you get with it.

The charging station is handy and acts as a headphone stand as well; the headphone is comfortable for extended use, and it also offers impressive range without any signal drop even if you are sitting in another room.

The headset has a faux surround system that works rather well, and almost imitates the actual surround.

The good thing is that even the negative aspect of the headphone is only subjective; the base station of the headphone feels cheap to the touch, and that is about it. Other than that, the Sennheiser RS 175 RF is amazing with surround capabilities as well.

Some might argue over the headset being too expensive as compared to the Bluetooth option, but honestly, although those options seem attractive, they do not provide the same level of immersion as the RS 175 RF.

Is it practical for gaming or watching movies? As far as my experience with it is concerned, it certainly is.


  • checkGreat wireless range
  • checkCan connect to pretty much anything
  • checkFaux surround and bass boost modes are rather nice additions, and work really well


  • The charging station feels a bit cheap

HyperX Cloud II: Check Price On Amazon

If you want an actual gaming headset with virtual surround, and decent looks, look no further than the HyperX Cloud II. Kingston really revolutionized the gaming headset with their original HyperX Cloud, and the Cloud II is based on the same great foundation and adds more value than before.

The HyperX Cloud II now comes with a bit more subdued looks, and is covered in black; I must say that it looks amazing. You get flexible boom mic with the headset, and there is no RGB present whatsoever. However, what the headphone does boast is an impressive sound quality that can rival some of the more expensive headsets in the market.

The HyperX Cloud II is also one of the better-built headsets in the market, sporting one of the finest build qualities I have seen in a gaming headset, a build quality that almost feels luxurious. You also get a nice amount of additions like a carrying case.

The case is a bit flimsy, but it is a valuable addition and will make things easier for you if you want to travel and take the headset with you.

The microphone on the HyperX Cloud II is also pretty good, and this is a surprise because gaming headsets usually have mediocre microphones at best.

In all honesty, the only complain I have is that the carrying case is rather flimsy, but that does not change the fact that the headset is not amazing, because it is.

HyperX Cloud II is definitely one of my favorite gaming headsets available in the market.


  • checkGood sound quality
  • checkNice value added features
  • checkThe microphone is surprisingly good


  • The carrying case is a bit flimsy

SteelSeries Arctis 5: Check Price On Amazon

SteelSeries surprised everyone when they refreshed their Arctis lineup with newer bells and whistles last year; the company introduced features such as RGB, surround sound, and a better look. The Arctis 5 sits in the middle of the lineup and competes with some of the industry’s finest.

I really love the design language on the Arctis 5, it is the right amount of traditional, and modern; gone are the days when headphones were made big and intimidating on purpose. The Arctis 5 is minimalistic with the right amount of cushioning that makes the headset one of the most comfortable ones I have used.

The sound quality is amazing, and SteelSeries’ software is also pretty amazing; the only thing I don’t like as much is the surround. The performance of surround mode is just average at best, and the headphones have long cables that can be a bother for some of the people


  • checkSolid build quality
  • checkComfortable to wear for extended periods
  • checkSimple and smooth software


  • The surround sound is average at best
  • closeCables are longer than usual

Logitech G230: Check Price On Amazon

It should not be a surprise that Logitech’s line up of headsets has been a pretty stellar one for quite some time.

The company’s impressive portfolio of products has released some pretty amazing products over the last couple of years. The Logitech G230 is one of their budget entries that are aimed at people who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

The G230 are one of the most comfortable headphones you can buy; they are also lightweight, and well made so you will not be facing any issue with long-lasting gaming sessions.

Logitech has also focused on making the design simplistic and neutral enough to ensure that the headphones go well with every setup.

The audio itself is decent for the price you are paying, however, do not expect groundbreaking surround sound as it is not there at all.

The headphone is also not going to come with a fancy software and all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a gaming headset, but given the price you are paying, it is a pretty understandable thing.

I also have to mention that the microphone on the Logitech G230 is subpar, but at the given price, it is something you would actually expect.

Overall, the Logitech G230 is a pretty decent gaming headset that offers a decent sound quality for cheap price.

You might not get that much from other headsets in this price range, so it is definitely a good buy. Sure, there are some shortcomings, but they can be overlooked for anyone who just wants a decent gaming experience.


  • checkComfortable to wear
  • checkGood audio performance
  • checkSimple to use


  • Surround sound is just subpar
  • closeMicrophone is bad
  • closeThere are no software controls

Razer Kraken 7.1 V2: Check Price On Amazon

The Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 believes that size does matter, and that is exactly the case with this behemoth of a headset.

It is big, it is bold, and it makes a statement. How does it sound? That is the best part; while the original Razer Kraken 7.1 was average at best, the Kraken V2 is easily one of the best sounding headsets available in the market.

It offers a full sound, and the surround sound is another highlight of his headset; the microphone is excellent, and you get a lot of presets for your music as well.

The headset, despite its large size, is extremely comfortable.

My only complaint with the headset would be that there is no 3.5mm option available for those who want stereo sound. Other than that, everything is perfect and on the spot


  • checkLots of presets
  • checkBrilliant microphone
  • checkExtremely comfortable


  • There are no 3.5mm options available

CORSAIR VOID PRO RGB: Check Price On Amazon

Corsair’s original Void series of headphones was a smashing success and there is no denying that. After a while, the company came out with the Corsair VOID Pro, an upgraded version over the original that featured some changes in the microphone, and upgrades in the audio quality.

The headset still looks the same for the most part, except the microphone now looks different than it did before. That is because of the added boom filter that is good for filtering out unwanted noise that can compromise the overall speaking experience.

The microphone is clear when speaking, the range is amazing, and the audio is one of the best I have seen. Plus, the design was already practical, and comfortable. So, Corsair did not feel the need to change that at all.

However, some of the drawbacks from the original Void are still present; the controls are a bit hard to locate, and the way the headphone is designed is not something that will be optimal for everyone who is buying the headset.

Other than that, it is a pretty amazing headset that you should look into.


  • checkGreat Range
  • checkClear microphone
  • checkGood build quality


  • Controls are a bit complicated for some people

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon: Check Price On Amazon

The last headphone on the list is the Turtle Beach – Ear Force Recon; for people who want the looks and the performance, this is a great headset.

It delivers great performance and has somewhat gamer-esque looks as well. Looks that many people go for when they are looking for a gaming headset.

It is mostly built out of plastic, but the plastic does not feel cheap to the touch, ensuring that you will not be breaking your headphones. The comfort level is certainly there, and that is a good thing. ​

I wish Turtle Beach would have stuck to a uniform color scheme that was also subtle, but apparently, they went all out with the design.

The good thing, however, is that the sound quality makes up for that as the headset does not sound all that bad when gaming.

You should also keep in mind that the microphone is detachable, so even if you want to use the headset without the microphone for one reason or another, you can easily do that.

Overall, the Turtle Beach – Ear Force Recon is a nice pair of headphones that could have been better if it weren’t for the plastic build or odd color choices that Turtle Beach have brought in with their Turtle Beach – Ear Force Recon headphones.


  • checkGood sound quality
  • checkDetachable mic
  • checkCan be used for multiple purposes
  • checkEasy on the pocket


  • The colour choices are odd at best
  • The headphone is largely made out of plastic that feels a bit flimsy at first


After going through seven of the best surround sound headphones, I can only say that I am thoroughly impressed and pleased at the same time.

I was never sold on the idea of surround sound headphones because of the stereo love, but these headphones have changed my mind, and I have taken the Corsair Void Pro RBG as my daily driver thanks to the fact that it is one of the best sounding surround headphones, and it complements my setup that is filled with Corsair peripherals.