Best MOBA / MMO Mouse 2020

MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) is a type of PC games in which, as its name suggests, a lot of players (like hundreds and thousands) play at the same time.

The features usually found in an MMO game are a huge in-game world, and many many players collaborating/competing with each other.

Due to these differences, many gaming manufacturers have developed specialized MMO mice – the mice that help you play these types of games better.

MMO mice are a lot different than the other gaming mice. They have an unusually large number of button and are considered to be more durable than average gaming mice.

Although a large set of extra buttons may cause an average gamer to freak out, they are totally natural for MMO gamers because of the too many controls required to play these games.

But here’s a thing: All these extra buttons shouldn’t come at the cost of comfort, right?

That’s why below are some of the things you need to remember while choosing an MMO gaming mouse.

Best MMO And MOBA Mice 2020

  • Corsair Scimitar
  • Razer Naga Chroma
  • UtechSmart Venus (Best Budget MMO Mouse)
  • Logitech G600 (Best MMO Gaming Mouse)
  • Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mous(Best High-End Gaming Mouse)
  • ROCCAT Tyon

Things To Look For In An MMO / MOBA Mouse

Lots of Buttons

Since you’re choosing a mouse for MMO games, make sure it has a lot of buttons – at least more than 10 – so that you can create a large number of macros.


Because these mice have some extra buttons, you may think of them as rather uncomfortable. Your doubt is genuine actually. Many low-quality MMO mice are bad when it comes to comfort.

That’s why, whenever you made up your mind about getting a mouse (especially if it’s for MMOs), make sure it’s comfortable to hold on a long period of time.


Many gaming mice come with software that lets you customize these mice. Through these softwares, you can change RGB settings of your mouse, change DPI, re-map mouse button, and can create different gaming profiles etc.

When choosing a mouse, make sure to get one that has a user-friendly and polished software.

Best MMO Mouse 2020 Review Guide

Ok, so now that you’ve some good knowledge about mmo gaming mice, let’s start the actual buying guide about best mmo mice in the market.

Corsair Scimitar: Check Price On Amazon


Although Scimitar isn’t the first MMO mouse from Corsair, it’s the first one to gain attention – thanks to a Naga-like 12-button grid on its left side. But this mouse is much more than what a typical rip-off can ever be.

It’s heavier and larger than an average mouse and has a plastic material for its build. Due to the matte finish, however, its certainly looks premium.

On the front side, there are the usual left, right, and scroll buttons along with two buttons for DPI changing.

As mentioned earlier, its left side is crowded with a grid of 12 small-sized buttons but you can change its direction in case you’re a leftie.

To stop making you press them accidentally time and again, these thumb buttons are made more resilient for any touch. Buttons of the second and fourth row have a little rough texture.

To help you know which key is under your thumb at any moment, button 5 has a little bump. This way, you can use it as an origin and locate your other buttons, without looking at them.

Scimitar’s right side has some rubber coating on some dot-like surface which helps it to have a strong grip. We found its non-removable, braided USB cable to be stronger than the ones in some other mice.

The only thing we missed in this mouse is weight adjustability.

Having a gaming mouse like this means that the gaming experience is surely going to be awesome and scimitar doesn’t disappoint either. It is supported by Corsair’s CUE software which is considered very good albeit a bit confusing for the first-time users.

Other than this, you can customize its DPI to a great level (from 16,000 to a single digit) and its 12 side buttons mean that storing macros is never really an issue.

High DPI isn’t as necessary as it’s thought to be, but in case you have a bigger, Ultra-high resolution display (4K screen for example), High DPI will be your lifesaver.

Razer Naga Chroma: Check Price On Amazon

Best MMO Mouse For Large Hands

By most MMO gamers out there, Razer Naga Chrome is considered as a Swiss-knife of MMO mice. It’s because of the huge functionalities it brings with itself.

But first, we would discuss its drawbacks.

Naga’s design doesn’t inspire a lot. It has an all-black design with a Razer-logo on the backside. To make it have a little more exciting look, we think it has been equipped with RGB lighting.

The right side of this mouse has only 2 things: A finger-rest and some rubberized surface alongside for some extra grip.

Its left side, however, is the same as that of corsair scimitar. It has a 12-button grid too but, unlike scimitar, it’s not movable. This thing makes it un-ambidextrous.

At last comes the front side which has typical left and right buttons, along with some additions like scroll wheel as well as DPI up-and-down buttons.

Its scroll button is a little bit different. It’s because this mouse supports tilt-scroll which basically causes a scroll button to tilt left/right/up/down and to be used for even more functions.

Although its cable is not braided like in Corsair Scimitar, it has a protector at its base which may prevent it from breaking up.

On the bottom side, there is a Razer’s own 5G laser sensor and its considered to be one of the best sensors out there. Its overall design is a bit large, which might be not suitable for small-handed people.

Using Synapse software, you can easily map/re-map all those mechanical thumb buttons.

On top of that, you can use an in-game configurator for changing your settings on the go. Its overall gaming experience was quite good for us except an issue or two.

The main issues we found in this mouse were that it’s slightly bigger for small hands, RGB lighting can make it a little warm and at last, the in-device synchronization isn’t entirely seamless.

UtechSmart Venus Mouse: Check Price On Amazon

Best Cheap MOBA/MMO Mouse 2020

UtechSmart Venus is our pick for the best cheap MMO mouse and there are plenty of reasons for it that you’re going to find out here.

Yes, like all other MMO rodents in this list, this one has a large design and a 12-button grid too. But what makes it a little different than all the other ones in this list, is its comfort and the alignment of these 12-buttons.

First, we’ll talk about its design. It has a matte finish with a slightly rubber-like feel which makes it quite comfortable. Its thumb buttons are very good and quite different.

They are different because of the angle between themselves. It means that there is a clear u-shaped curve between 1-3 and 4-6 button rows, as well as between 7-9 and 10-12 button-row.

This angle is most probably made for the user to be aware of which button he has his thumb on, without actually seeing it. Below these buttons, there is a thumb-rest where you can place your thumb in idle times.

The build quality of these buttons is pretty good but they’re not mechanical, like the ones in Razer Naga.

Left, right and scroll buttons are found on the front side. These buttons have Omron switches and provide good tactile feedback. These buttons have a “Fire key” alongside – located on the left side of Left Mouse button.

The default setting of this button is to be pressed three times before a short pause and then repeat. This button is specifically made for FPS games and can be used for some semi-automatic weapons.

On the bottom side, there is a profile switcher button and this mouse can save as many as 5 profiles and you can assign a specific color-light to each of these in order to distinguish between them.

As far as customization is concerned, you can use its software and customize every button on it except the profile-changing key.

This makes its customizable-buttons count to 18. Another good addition is weight tuning, although it’s very light even at its full weight.

Its companion software is also very good without being too advanced. With its help, you can change mouse acceleration, scroll speed. And polling rate etc.

Although you can cloak its DPI as much as 16,400, you won’t need that much in an actual gaming environment, and 2000-4000 DPI we will good enough for most people.

Our overall experience with this mouse was better than expected. It has everything you can demand in an MMO gaming mouse without spending too much. Considering all this, it is our recommendation of best budget MMO mouse

Logitech G600: Check Price On Amazon

Best MOBA/MMO Mouse 2020 Overall

Logitech G600 is our top pick for the best MMO gaming mouse and there are many reasons why.

First of all is its simplistic design.

Most of the MMO mice out there come with a pretty weird design. Here comes the Logitech G600. Along with Rival 500 from SteelSeries, this one has the most natural design you can ever get in an MMO mouse.

And although it’s mainly made up from plastic, its build quality is pretty solid and the plastic prevents sweat-blots to great effect.

One thing you will miss in this mouse is the weight adjustability, although we suspect that weight adjustability in an MMO gaming mouse isn’t as much wanted as in other types of mice, such as FPS mice.

If you’re reading this post from start, you must know that the placement of thumb buttons is very important in MMO mice, and almost every manufacturer has tried to sort out this issue, in its own way.

Same is the case with Logitech here.

They have separated these 12 buttons into 2 sets of 2 rows (6 buttons). In each set, both rows make a u-shaped curve between themselves. This way a person can be aware of the key under his thumb.

On the front side, there are left, right and scroll wheel in addition to a “G-shift” button. The purpose of this G-shift button is the same as that of Shift key in your keyboard. It doubles the number of functions the twelve thumb-buttons can perform.

There are two buttons (G7 and G8) behind the scroll wheel that can be used to change your current profile.

You can create these profiles through Logitech’s software, which can also do other tasks like changing the color-pattern of the back-light of 12-button thumb grid.

Another thing this mouse lacks is a dedicated DPI switch button. Although you can still change DPI from 200 to 8200, this can only be done through its software.

Overall, this is our favorite pick from this list. Aside from a lack of customization, this is a great piece of hardware, that too in a relatively less budget (under 50 at the time of review)

Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse: Check Price On Amazon

MMO Mouse For Right Handed People

Normally, the market for gaming mice is not all that exciting because you do not get to find a lot of mice that manage to stand out from the rest.

However, Swiftpoint is looking forward to do something different with their Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse. Now the strangest thing about this mouse aside from the price is that it is one of the best gaming mice in the market, and it can be customized in more ways than you can imagine.

It does not follow the crazy, and somewhat impractical design language that we have come to expect from average gaming mice, so you can still take it to your office if you are willing to.

Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse follows a very ergonomic design, ensuring that you will not have to go through fiddling your hands just so you can comfortably hold the mouse.

There are many programmable buttons on board, so if you are worried about customization, or customization is your thing, you would be at home.

The optical sensor used in the mouse is also among the best and we can testify that the performance is top notch. One thing that was the oddball here is that the mouse comes with button caps, as well as tilt feet, something that you normally see in keyboards.

If you are someone who plays games in which you have to fly a plane, then the company also provides a flight stick extender, in addition to that, you also get a built-in gyroscope for added control.

Last but not least, the Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse also comes with one of the most extensive macro editors that we have seen in a gaming mouse.

With all the amazing features, there are some concerns as well. For starters, the mouse is only for right-hand users, and in addition to that, the grips are not as grippy as we would have preferred.

Although the configuration software gives you full control of the mouse, it is a lot more difficult to understand, and you might have to go through the manual.

There is no option of having profiles that are specific to games, so that is another thing that you must keep in mind.

Overall, the Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse is actually an amazing gaming mouse that is available for hardcore gamers who want the most out of their mouse.

It might be held back by the price, but other than that, everything about this mouse speaks perfection.


  • Excellent sensor
  • Perhaps the most customizable mouse
  • Comfortable and super ergonomic
  • Made for every type of gamer
  • The macro editor is one of the most extension


  • The mouse is only for right hand users.
  • The grips on the side are not as effective as we would have preferred.
  • Although the configuration software is great, it is a bit difficult to understand.
  • There are no game-specific profiles

Razer Naga Trinity: Check Price On Amazon

A 3-in-1 MMO Gaming Mouse

Normally the Razer Naga lineup is more geared towards MMO gamers but Razer decided to take a different approach with the Naga Trinity.

The Trinity means that you have the choice to select from the three available side grips, each geared towards a different type of user. This means that you will not be needing a new mouse for a separate purpose.

You can choose between the standard panel with a round button dial, but if you want more buttons, you can swap that for a panel that has 12 buttons.

But if that is a bit overkill for you, then Razer also supplies a panel that only has two buttons. This panel swapping works like magic and requires minimum force to remove the panels.

At first, we were concerned that it might be a lot easier to remove the panels by accident, but during my use, we did not run into any issue.

The customization is perfect as always thanks to the lovely Razer Synapse software, and the price of the mouse is not going to break the bank either.

As far as the sensor is concerned, Razer returns with their in-house sensor that they have dubbed as the 5G sensors.

There are some issues that need to be mentioned. For starters, the mouse does not give you any way to adjust the height or the length.

In addition to that, if you have never used a Razer Naga mouse before, then it will take some time for you to learn the button layout, especially when you are trying to find out the right one.

The interchangeable grips are there to help you play the game just the way you want.

That is a great benefit in my opinion and something that more companies should focus on.


  • Exceptionally well made sensor
  • Great build
  • Razer Synapse remains one of the best softwares
  • The interchangeable sides give the mouse a new level of customization


  • No way to adjust height or length of the mouse
  • Learning the right button layout could take some time

Corsair Ironclaw Wireless: Check Price On Amazon

Best Wireless MMO Mouse 2020

There was a time, not so long ago, when wireless mice and keyboards were frowned upon by PC gamers. Many thought (back then) that they simply can’t compete with their wired counterparts due to battery and latency issues.

But now, after all the technological improvements companies have put into the reducing the latency and stabilizing the wireless connections, should you avoid these wireless product anymore?

Let’s find out.

Design wise, Ironclaw wireless is similar to its wired version. Both of the mice are lightweight, have matte-plastic shell at the top, and are right-handed; but the wireless version is relatively heavy which is normal considering the fact that wireless mice mostly have to fit in a battery as well.

Instead of seven in the original, Ironclaw wireless has 10 buttons. Apart from conventional buttons, you get two extras behind the scroll wheel. The left side is where you’ll get the other five buttons. What I like in this mouse is that among those five left side buttons, you get a DPI-dropping button which can be really handy if/when you require a precision click.

Another welcome change is the three RGB elements, up from the one in the original.

Being longer than 5 inches, it’s good for large handed people – especially ones who prefer palm-grip style.

There are three ways to connect this rodent with your PC: 2.4 GHz RF wireless, Bluetooth Technology, and wired USB connection through its charging cable. That being said, 2.4 GHz is the best option we found during our testing, because it’s more reliable as compared to Bluetooth.

Also, you cannot use iCUE software when connected to Bluetooth. Lastly, you can use Ironclaw wireless while charging it through USB cable, which gives it a big advantage over other wireless mice -most of which require them to be turned off during charging.

Since this is a wireless mouse, we had to consider the battery life as well. While having RGB off, a single charge lasted for 50 hours on Bluetooth mode and 25 hours for 2.4 GHz wireless (I guess due to more signal stability). By turning the RGB on though, that time reduced significantly, almost half of what it was before.

All in all, it’s a reasonably priced mouse that has retained pretty much all the goodies of its wired version with some minor changes.