How to charge laptop in car? Best Guide 2023

How to charge laptop in car?

When it comes to charging your laptop in a moving vehicle, there are a few different options available to you. A standard power adapter can be used to connect to the car’s cigarette lighter port. This method is convenient, but not very powerful. Alternatively, a portable battery charger can be used to provide extra juice to your laptop. These chargers are designed to be plugged into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter, or USB port, and are often more powerful than their desktop counterparts.

If you are traveling and don’t have access to an electrical outlet, you’re in for a big headache. Car chargers are bulky and inconvenient. But there is a solution. You can charge your laptop using a car charger. If you are going to use your laptop in your car, then you must have a way to charge it. It is a common problem, and there are many solutions to it.

There are many ways to charge a laptop or any other device in a car. But there is one way that is more convenient and easy to use.

How to charge a laptop in the car?

The car charger is essential for traveling abroad. There are two ways to charge a laptop in a car.

The first one is using an external battery pack. It is not portable and you need to keep the car plugged in.

The second way is using the built-in battery of your laptop. Most laptops nowadays have a charging port built-in, which is much easier than using an external battery. But there are still some limitations to using this method. Firstly, you have to remove the battery and replace it with another one, which is not convenient.

Secondly, you have to open the laptop lid in order to insert the new battery. This is not only inconvenient but also dangerous as your laptop could get damaged. A third disadvantage is that the battery power will be drained faster than you can plug in a charger. If you drive long distances, you may have to charge your laptop every time.

The fourth disadvantage is that it is not easy to use a standard USB cable to connect the charger and the laptop.

How to Charge a Laptop in a Car?

How to charge laptop in car

The best way to charge a laptop in a car is by using the charging port on the motherboard.

There are two kinds of charging ports:

USB type A and USB type C.

They are designed to fit standard USB ports, so they can be used anywhere and everywhere.

A USB type C port is slightly smaller than the standard USB port, but it can be used in either orientation.

Using the USB type C port is recommended if your laptop has a charging port built-in. If not, using a USB type A port will work fine.

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How to Charge Laptop in a Car – Using a USB Type C Port?

  • Step 1: Plug the USB type C cable into your computer.
  • Step 2: Plug the other end of the cable into the charging port on the motherboard of your laptop.
  • Step 3: Press the power button on your laptop and wait for the LED to light up.
  • Step 4: Remove the cable when the LED turns green.

Now your laptop is charged.

Some steps that can save your battery for a Long Time!

How to charge a laptop in the car?

1) Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth to maximize battery life

To maximize the amount of time you can spend using your laptop on a long drive, you need to turn off all wireless connections before you head out the door.

WiFi is the most common culprit when it comes to draining your battery, so turning it off will save you precious minutes and miles of battery life.

And to make things easier, you can also keep Bluetooth turned off while you’re driving to prevent other devices from connecting to your car’s Bluetooth system, which can drain your battery and cause interference with your navigation system.

2) Remove USB ports

If you plug in any USB devices while you’re driving, it could drain your battery. When you need to charge your phone or use your GPS, you’ll have to unplug them first before you get behind the wheel, which is inconvenient and distracting.

You can remove the USB ports from your car to avoid having to deal with the hassle. If you do need to plug in a device, consider using an external battery pack that plugs directly into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. This will keep your battery charged while still allowing you to access your phone, music, and navigation.

3) Charge before leaving

If you’re worried about having an empty battery, it’s best to charge it before you hit the road. Many laptops have an auto-charge function, so you can rest assured knowing your laptop is going to have enough power to last you until you arrive at your destination.

But if your car doesn’t have an auto-charge feature, you can also connect your laptop to a car charger to ensure you have enough juice to complete your trip.

4) Switch off your computer after you arrive

The next time you go on a long drive, make sure you turn off your laptop completely after you reach your destination.

As you know, laptops aren’t very energy efficient. Once your laptop is shut down, there’s no need to keep the battery from being fully charged, which can lead to your battery dying much faster.

5) Use a portable charger

It may sound like a luxury to have a full-sized car charger when you’re traveling by car, but it’s better to have a portable charger and not need one than to have to search for one when you run out of battery.

You can use a portable charger that plugs directly into your car’s cigarette lighter to keep your battery charged as you travel.

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What is the Best car charger brand?

How to charge a laptop in the car?

When you’re on the road and need to charge your laptop, you’ll need to have a portable charger. It’s a great investment to have and will save you time and money in the long run.

But not all chargers are created equal. The best chargers offer maximum power for longer periods of time. That means your battery will get juiced up faster.

One of the best car-charger brands is the Anker Astro E5. You get a fast 2A output current that gives your device enough juice to power through. So no more worrying about getting your laptop charged while on the road.

It has a convenient handle that you can use for easy charging. In addition, it’s also easy to install. Just plug it into the wall charger using the provided adapter. And the charger’s USB port can be accessed by your laptop so you can easily charge it there.

Is there a way to charge your laptop in the car?

Some people carry a power inverter in their car. It converts the DC power from your car battery into AC power. This is really helpful because you can use this converter to charge your laptop in the car. You can just plug it into the cigarette lighter and you are done.

It is very easy to do. All you need to do is to get a plug adapter, place it in the cigarette lighter of your car, and connect it to your laptop, and you will be able to use your laptop whenever you are traveling.

How do I charge my laptop on the road?

To charge your laptop on the road, you will need a power adapter. You will also need an AC wall outlet. You will have to plug the power adapter into the wall outlet so that you can charge your laptop. There is no other way to charge your laptop unless you take your computer with you everywhere you go.

You will need the right equipment to be able to charge your laptop on the road. The best thing to do is to find a public place where you can charge your laptop. Make sure that the charging station is big enough so that you will be able to get comfortable while you are sitting down there. If you want to charge your laptop for an extended period of time, you should bring your own charger. You can buy it from a store or online.

Can you charge a laptop with 12V?

Yes, you can charge a laptop with 12V. But the problem is that if you use a power bank, you will get more than 12V. If you plug it into a wall socket, you might get 15V or 16V, or even 20V. These numbers aren’t too bad. However, you should plug your laptop directly into a power socket to get the right voltage. You don’t want to ruin your laptop by charging it with an incorrect voltage.

Is there a power bank for laptops?

Yes, there is. If you have a laptop, you can always use it to charge your phone. Most people don’t realize how much they can save by charging their cell phones with their laptops. It’s really convenient, and there’s no problem charging your cell phone with a laptop.


In conclusion, in order to charge your laptop while driving, you need to get a solar charger that can provide at least 6 volts, which means the USB port has to be 5 volts. However, if you want to be absolutely sure, the best bet is to go for a 12-volt battery that can give you 10 amps of power. The only other thing you need is a simple, flexible, and durable cable.