Is G2A Legit For Game keys?

As someone who’s been playing games for a number of years, I know buying them at full price is not something that a lot of people can actually do.

The reason behind this is rather simple. The standard version of an AAA game usually costs $60, and at times, there are several AAA titles releasing one after the other, and paying for all of them can be a problem for a lot of people. This is where websites like G2A come into play.

For those who don’t know, G2A is a website that allows users to buy cheap, discounted games. Whether you are buying new games, or older ones, you are always going to find some sort of discount on them. The discount on the newer titles is not as big as the older ones, but it is still substantial enough to allow some amount of savings.

Is G2A Legit For Game Keys

G2A has been around for some time now, and it certainly is not the only website of its nature.

Understanding How G2A Works

To be honest, understanding G2A is not all that difficult. As a matter of fact, it works a lot like Ebay, or Kinguin for that matter. The main goal of G2A is to provide the platform for the sellers and buyers, to be able to sell and buy respectively.

Users can buy all sorts of PC games as well as Windows keys and different softwares.

One thing I must mention is that people running G2A do not sell the keys themselves. They are just providing a platform for all the activity to take place. All the user needs to do is buy the key, wait for the email, and then activate the key for its relevant platform.

Now you might be wondering just how exactly the prices of these keys can be so cheap?

Well, the sellers on G2A look for the regions where a certain game is being sold for the cheapest possible price, and then buy the keys in bulk, and then sell them at a higher price for the sake of profit.

The price they sell a game at is still cheaper than what the gamers would have to pay if they buy the game from the platforms like Steam, UPlay, or Origins for that matters.

As you can see in picture above, buying the Rocket League from G2A would cost you even less than 8 euros. That being said, there is room for scam in G2A considering so many sellers in the market, and keeping track of every seller is not as easy.

In order to protect from scammers, the sellers are required to verify their social media details, along with their phone numbers. In addition to that, they will be limited to 10 transactions before they can provide extra verification.

These steps are certainly nice ones by G2A and the goal is to ensure that some of the dodgy sellers can’t scam unsuspecting buyers into buying codes that have been used already.

Also, to make the buyers experience a lot better, G2A has introduced something called the G2A Shield. Of course you will have to pay for it, but with the shield active, if you buy a game and it turns out to be a used key, or an invalid one, G2A will issue a refund on its own rather than waiting for the buyer to offer justification.

There have been instances where the refund is not offered though, or it takes a long time, but these are some of the isolated situations, and we can’t really generalize here.

Buying Games from G2A

As far as buying is concerned, look for the game you want to buy. Click on the game, and you will see multiple prices in the market (as shown in picture above).

You will also have “G2A Selected Offer”, which normally is the best possible offer you can get on a game. Then click on that, and see the ratings of a seller.

You can get information like the amount of keys the seller has sold, and other similar information as well. It’s Pretty useful if you ask me, because that way you will know that the seller you are about to buy the game from is legit or not.

Once that is done, you can simply checkout, enter all the payment details, and you can choose whether to opt in for G2A Shield or not. Pay for the game, and you will receive the key on your email in a matter of few minutes.

Now in order to test G2A, I bought an assortment of keys from different sellers, because buying them from a single seller might not have helped our cause that much, but bought the keys from a variety of different sellers, and the good news is that all the keys that I bought from different sellers worked in the first attempt.

I did not have to re-enter the key, or contact the support regarding the issue.

This goes to show that G2A is actually legit, and the best part is that it works really well too. I know you might be wondering that you need be careful, but honestly, if you just look at the seller and their ratings, everything else is self-explanatory.


I have heard a lot of horror stories from G2A, and I will be honest, some of them scared me to a point where I never wanted to buy anything from G2A.

However, upon finally testing it myself, I have come to the conclusion that for the larger part, G2A is certainly legit. The rest of the part relies entirely on the buyer, as well as the seller.

As someone who happens to be a responsible for where they spend the money, it is up to you to make sure that you have done your research on what game you are buying.

Rest assured, buying from G2A – as long as you are careful and attentive – is not going to get you scammed.

FAQ Is g2a legit for game keys

What is the gaming marketplace known for? is an online marketplace known for selling cheap game keys for various video games, often at lower prices compared to other retailers.

How can I use G2A to buy game codes?

To buy game codes on G2A, you can browse the G2A marketplace, select the desired game, and complete the purchase using a preferred payment method.

Do publishers directly sell game keys on G2A?

Generally, publishers do not sell game keys directly on G2A; instead, G2A serves as a reseller platform where third-party sellers list keys.

Is there a risk of buying keys on G2A that are obtained using stolen credit cards?

There have been reports of keys sold on G2A being obtained using stolen credit cards, although G2A has measures in place to combat such practices.

Can G2A be considered a grey market for game keys?

Yes, G2A is often considered a grey market because it allows resellers to sell keys, and the origin of these keys can sometimes be unclear.

Is it safe and legit to buy and sell keys on the G2A marketplace?

While many users have safely used G2A to buy and sell keys, there are concerns about the legitimacy of some keys, so there is a risk of getting scammed.

Can you get Steam keys from G2A?

Yes, you can purchase Steam keys on G2A, which can then be activated on your Steam account.

Are the keys sold on G2A for games on platforms like Epic Games and Steam always legit?

While many keys sold on G2A for platforms like Epic Games and Steam are legit, there have been instances of invalid or stolen keys being sold.

What is G2A Plus, and how does it relate to purchasing game codes?

G2A Plus is a subscription service offered by G2A that provides benefits such as discounts, cashback, and customer protection when purchasing game codes from G2A.

Are there any alternatives to G2A for buying cheap keys for PC gaming?

Yes, alternatives to G2A include sites like Humble Bundle, which often offers bundles of keys at cheap prices, and is known for working directly with game developers and publishers.

Can you resell games or keys on G2A?

Yes, you can resell games or keys on G2A as it is a platform that allows individual sellers to list and sell their games or keys.

How can I determine if a site to buy game codes is a legit site?

To determine if a site is legit, look for customer reviews, secure payment options, and clear terms of service. Also, check if the site is recognized by the gaming industry.

Is G2A safe to use for purchasing game keys?

G2A is widely used, but there have been concerns about the legitimacy of some keys. It’s important to research and understand the risks before purchasing.

What is the best place to buy games at low prices?

Websites like G2A, Humble Bundle, and Steam often offer games at low prices, especially during sales or with special offers.

“Is G2A a legitimate platform for buying games?”

G2A is a legitimate platform used by many, but it operates as a marketplace, meaning the legitimacy of keys can vary depending on individual sellers.

How can I ensure that what you’re buying on G2A is legitimate?

To ensure legitimacy, check seller ratings, read customer feedback, and consider using G2A’s buyer protection services.

What types of gift cards can be found on G2A?

On G2A, you can find various types of gift cards, including those for gaming platforms, retail services, and prepaid credit cards.

Where do G2A keys come from?

G2A keys come from third-party sellers who may acquire them from different sources, including bundles, promotions, or direct from publishers.

What should I do if I suspect a key I purchased on G2A is invalid or obtained illegally?

If you suspect an invalid or illegally obtained key, contact G2A support immediately and consider filing a police report if you suspect fraud.

Are there any G2A alternatives for buying game codes?

Yes, alternatives to G2A include platforms like Humble Bundle, Green Man Gaming, and Steam, known for selling legitimate and safe game codes.