How to Use A PS4 Controller on Your PC


Most of the PC gamers use keyboard and mouse as their primary input devices for gaming, but there are many others who like something unconventional. That’s why they choose any one of the fight sticks, trackballs, racing steering wheels and controllers, dependent on the game they’re playing. Today, we’ll talk about the controllers. They’re one … Read more

Nvidia Control Panel Missing


Nvidia control panel is a very familiar name among the PC gamers. It’s actually a graphics control panel by Nvidia, which is used to tinker the settings of a dedicated graphics card and its behavior with your games. The changes made in this panel will have a ‘global’ effect on all of your games/softwares that work with a … Read more

Steam Family Sharing: What it is and How to Enable It


Steam is the most popular game-distribution platform among PC gamers. If you’re a PC gamers, and aren’t downloading pirated/cracked games, then steam is one of the only options you’re left with. But there was one problem with this system previously. You couldn’t share the games, that you had purchased, with your friends/family and even with yourself (in … Read more