Best Soundbar for Gaming on a PC Desktop 2020

Buying a gaming soundbar might seem odd to many people because most of us prefer to use headphones during gaming.

Still, the market is crowded with gaming soundbars which only indicates that there is indeed a demand for those soundbars.

Advantages of Buying a Soundbar

If you are stuck wondering about the advantages of a soundbar, the points mentioned below will definitely help you.

Great Audio

Considering how these soundbars have elongated bodies, it means that they use some decently sized speakers that allow them to output audio in a better way.

Whether you are watching movies, listening to music, or just gaming, they are a great option. Plus, they can be hooked up to pretty much any device you want, making the overall experience much better.

Amazing Immersion

While the soundbars in the early days were average at best, things have changed in the modern day and age. With the soundbars today, everything has become incredibly immersive regardless of the price you are paying.

Some of the best offerings in the market provide excellent immersion to users and truly transforms your listening experience into one of a kind. You can even use it as a party speaker and I can assure you that it would fill up the room really quickly.

Best Soundbar 2020 For Gaming Review Guide

  • Razer Leviathan
  • Bose Solo 15 Series II TV Sound System
  • Yamaha YAS-107BL Sound Bar
  • VIZIO SB3820-C6
  • Samsung HW-J355

1. Razer Leviathan: Check Price On Amazon

Razer Leviathan comes with a sub-woofer in order to provide better sound quality and touts a virtual 5.1 listening experience. Right from the get-go, one can tell that the Leviathan is geared towards people who are looking for bass-oriented sound as that’s what the Leviathan is aiming for.

Razer has made sure to include plenty of inputs to make the overall user experience smoother. The price tag on the Razer Leviathan is another one of its strengths, as it is moderately priced when compared to the competition.

At the given price tag, the Razer Leviathan serves as one of the best soundbars for gaming, but it lacks the type of surround sound most people normally look for. It is not a bad soundbar by any mean, it just leaves much to desire.

If you are okay with such a small trade-off than the Razer Leviathan might be the best soundbar for the money you are about to pay. After all, it has all the features anyone would need in a good soundbar.


  • Solid build quality
  • Excellent looks
  • The sound quality is clear, and crisp
  • One of the best unboxing experiences I have ever seen
  • Can be hooked up to multiple devices thanks to a decent number of inputs available


  • Does not provide true 5.1 surround experience
  • Although the surround sound feature is certainly there, it is not the best one I have heard on a soundbar

2. Bose Solo 15 Series II: Check Price On Amazon

When it comes to the audio market, Bose has earned a name for itself over the last few years.

They have done so by consistently providing some of the finest products that have managed to turn many heads. Keeping that in mind, today, I am looking at the Bose Solo 15 Series II TV Sound System – a soundbar that acts as a full-fledged sound system as well.

It does not get marketed as a gaming PC soundbar. However, considering how that is exactly the title of this post, I thought why not go ahead and test this with some games. I hooked it up with my PC and started playing Assassin’s Creed Origins just to see the fidelity.

After a decent session, I would only say that the Bose Solo 15 Series II is great for gaming. It was pretty loud and I could hear everything in the game clearly; including the wind howling. However, I would not advise you to use it for online gaming because you need to focus a lot more when gaming online.

It also happens to have one of the best designs I have seen in any soundbar.

Of course, one thing that I have to mention is that it is also easy to install and made with quality materials, so the user does not have to worry about having something that feels cheap.

The only thing I am not in favor is the fact that it does not come with any features that would make it stand out when compared with the competition. It is the master of everything it does, but there are not enough features to make it the jack of all trades.


  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Solid build quality through and through


  • The limited feature set leaves much to the desire

3. Yamaha YAS-107BL: Check Price On Amazon

Yamaha usually not the name that you would hear the gamers talk about a lot. That is because the company is widely known in the music industry but not so much in the gaming industry.

As a matter of fact, you would not find “for gamers” written on any of the it products. However, that does not mean that the Yamaha YAS-107BL is not a good soundbar.

Yamaha has taken a simplistic and minimalist approach with the soundbar. It does not look outlandish at all, and has all the right features such as HDMI 2a support that allows for 4K streaming.

In addition to that, you also get a port that allows you to attach a sub-woofer if you wish to.

As far as the performance is concerned, the Yamaha YAS-107BL Sound Bar is definitely among the top performers.

One thing I did not like is that the LED lights can only be seen if you have it mounted on the wall, which in my opinion feels very weird, and feels like a rushed decision.

All in all, the Yamaha YAS-107BL Sound Bar is an excellent offering if you are in the market for a great soundbar, and do not really need a heap of features that you might not even use.


  • Sounds excellent
  • It is built with finesse and has a great design
  • Build quality is solid
  • The HDMI 2a is definitely a good addition
  • The sub-woofer feature is amazing and allows you to expand the sound even further


  • The package does not come with a sub-woofer
  • You need to mount the it on the wall to be able to see the LED lights

4. VIZIO SB3820-C6: Check Price On Amazon

The list is finally coming to an end, but I still have some impressive options to review. Right now, I am looking at the VIZIO SB3820-C6.

One of the most budget-friendly soundbars on the list that is in the market to create a league of its own.

Does it succeed?

Well, it surprisingly is a great option if you are on a budget.

It performs well beyong its price tag but the trade-off here is that the build quality is average at best, and it does not win any major award for how it looks.

Whether you are listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, it will not disappoint you in any case. While the build quality is certainly not a strong suit, its minimalist looks make it a great choice for people who are going for such a setup.

Setting it up is as easy as it gets, and using it is even easier, so that is guaranteed that you will not find yourself stuck in a rut.

Overall, while it does not have the best sound, you are getting what you pay for.


  • Great sound quality for the price
  • Decent design
  • Can be setup easily
  • Does not cost a lot of money


  • The flimsy build quality worries me at times

5. Samsung HW-J355: Check Price On Amazon

At last, we are looking at one of the best soundbars available in the market, the awkwardly named Samsung HW-J355 2.1.

Now, this is one of the higher-end soundbars, and since it is coming from Samsung, I do expect it to have the same level of quality.

I will start off by saying that it feels and looks amazing. You can actually see just how good the build quality is.

Setting it up was a breeze, and I had absolutely no issues with it. Once it was up and running, the testing process started. I started my test with high expectations because it is Samsung we are talking about, and they have delivered some impressive products over time.

I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed by how good the sound quality is of the Samsung HW-J355 2.1. Everything is well detailed, and does not sound artificial at all. The highs, lows, and mids work magic and blend in very nicely.

Sound quality aside, the Samsung HW-J355 2.1 is packed with features. You can stream media between different devices, and there is even a handy screen in the front that gives you all the information about the soundbar that you would require.

As far as my experience with the Samsung HW-J355 is concerned, I am really pleased with how it performs, and have no complaints whatsoever.

I just wish that there were L/R auxiliary inputs available on the speakers because they are essential.


  • The sound bar has excellent performance
  • Loaded with features such as wireless connectivity, and streaming.
  • The screen is really helpful for most people
  • Looks and feels premium
  • Setting it up is not difficult at all


  • The lack of L/R auxiliary inputs might be an issue for some people


In conclusion, all the soundbars that I have reviewed are up to the mark. Some are amazing, and some are just average, but when you look at the price differentiation, you’ll start getting a better understanding.

It is the type of list where everyone wins because all of the soundbars fit a different price bracket, hence, catering to users who are looking for something different in the market.