7 Reasons Why MOBA Games Are So Popular

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, also called MOBA, is a game genre in which many single players play together as a team, to achieve a goal and compete with another team of different players. These games are also known as Action Real-Time Strategy games (ARTS).

Due to its team-sports nature, its one of the most popular gaming genres out there, especially if you consider online gaming where games like Dota 2 are heavily played.

In today’s post, we’ll look out different factors that make a MOBA game simply awesome.

7 Reasons Why MOBA Games Are So Popular

Staying Power

One of the first thing that has helped the MOBAs being so addictive, is their power of being relevant even years after their release. Most of the games around us have their sequels released after every 2-3 years. MOBAs, on the other hand, don’t have sequels. Instead, they give several long-term updates that span over many years (at least 5 years).

These gradual updates enable MOBA game to remain exciting even years after being released.

MMO-like Experiences

Another reason for MOBAs’ success is their MMO-like gameplay. These games offer players to do progression and teamwork but have much smaller gameplay time than MMOs.

Lower-End PC requirements

One of the most obvious reasons people like playing MOBAs are low entry barrier. As much as the PC games are improving, in terms of gameplay and graphics, they also need a hell lot of RAM, graphics memory, hard drive storage (Although you can reduce space-shortage by having an external hard drive) and much more.

MOBA games, on the other hand, require much less power and this thing actually plays its part because not everyone can afford a sub-$1000 gaming PC, especially if you’re in South-East Asia or Africa.

Feels good for an observer

Since MOBA games can be called as the true team-based PC games, they are very good to watch (as like a regular sports game between two teams), even if you’re just the 3rd person.


Prize Money is also a good reason why many pro gamers participate in those MOBA game events. In 2016, the overall prize pool for league of legends was $5million, and this is a lot of money if you ask me. All you need to do is to play your favorite MOBA game and add perfection to your game-play gradually.

Of course, I know it’s easier said than done but still.

Basically Free to Pay

Another area in which modern games are criticized is their purchasing price. Most of the latest games cost approx. $50 – which is a bit high if you’re a student and not doing any part-time job. Even those games that are initially free to play, require you to shed some money if you want to progress at later stages.

Other than this, those free-games also require to pay to have the latest car/weapons or any other competitive advantage over other players.

MOBAs, on the other hand, are free to play for the most part. Even when they ask for money, it’s usually about any customization in the style/appearance, not the actual game-play.

A Lot of room for your skill improvement

Most of MOBA games have a vast in-game area, a lot of options regarding your in-game decisions, and a variety of characters to play. Having such a combination means that there’s always room for improvement, and no matter how good you’re today, you can always get better.