Best PC Controller 2019

When it comes to controlling a PC game, a keyboard + mouse combo is suitable for majority of the people out there.

But there are some people who don't want to rely only on K+M combo, and always want to try something new (which I think is the beauty of the PC gaming, everybody can customize his/her gameplay according to his/her liking/disliking).

For those people, the best thing is a controller.

Yes, there are some other options in the form of fight sticks and keypads (or even trackballs, LoL) but nothing beats the controllers. Also, there are some games you would prefer to play with a controller (such as FIFA 19) even if you have a good-quality gaming keyboard.

But here's a thing:

Just like the case with any gaming accessory out in the market, not all controllers are same. So, to make your task easier, we have tested 5 most popular controllers for pc gaming. 

Let's see what we found out about each of 'em and which one is the best among them.

But before this, we'll discuss some pros and cons of PC controllers

Benefits of PC Controllers

Since this post is all about controllers, we'll first discuss the pros of using a PC controller

Thumb-Based Controls

Unlike gaming keyboards where your fingers do all the hard-work, PC controllers offer thumb-based controlling mechanism.

Most of us spend majority of our job time in front of a computer, where we do different tasks like typing, or scrolling documents and web pages etc.

So if you start playing games with your already-tired fingers, there are high risk of your getting carpel tunnel syndrome, and other finger-related injuries.

If that's the case, PC controllers offer a nice change where your fingers are holding the controller instead of pressing keys, and your hands are in their natural position (not twisted like when using a mouse).

Of course, you can argue that thumb also works like a finger and can be over-stressed too. But most people don't their thumbs as much as they use their fingers while typing.

That's why thumbs don't get as much stress as your fingers do in first place, and it's better to utilize them for gaming.  

More Comfortable For Some Gamers

Some people don't like too many buttons gaming keyboards usually offer. Controllers, on the other hand, don't come with that many buttons.

Also, in keyboards you have to perform various combinations (such as SHIFT + A + L) in order to perform a special move/skill. Many times, those buttons (like A and K) are very far from each other. So you have memorize the location of all these buttons. 

This is not the case with PC controllers. Here all buttons are closed to each other and can be easily accessed. This thing is huge plus for potential buyers.

Also some games, like fighting or soccer games, don't feel as natural as they do when you play them with a keyboard and mouse. 

Limits of PC controllers

OK, now come some ugly truths about the PC controllers.

Can't Use Them For Every Gaming Genre

It doesn't matter how much you love controllers over your K+ M combo ,you can't use them with every game. 

Don't believe me?

Well, try to play an FPS game with your controller, and then play it with your mouse. The difference will be noticed from the first moment. 

On top of that, a mouse can aim at a spot with far more accuracy than a controller. 

No Key-binds and Macros

A big advantage gaming keyboards give is that you can assign functionalities to the keys, according to your own preferences. This is called key-binding and it not available in controllers.

Same goes for macros. In basic terms, macros are the combination of different commands assigned to different keys.

For example, if a game has a character with a special move for SHIFT + ALT + W + K, I can assign this macro to another key, such as X. 

Now whenever I'll press X in that game, it will perform just like SHIFT + ALT + W + K. 

It should be noted that not all games support macros, but in the ones that do, you can really shine if you have a gaming keyboard + mouse.

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