Volta vs Vega vs Pascal GPU Architecture


If you get the chance to step into the GPU market, you will realize the wealth of options available in the market. Both from Nvidia as well as AMD. While having a lot of options is certainly a good thing, the one thing that you must keep in mind is that all the terminology might … Read more

Best Low Profile Video Card


Buying a low profile graphics card is something that happens to be an important thing for those with a compact PC build. The reason being simple: they do not want to have huge casings taking up their desk space. In a situation like that, finding the best low profile graphics card is extremely important because without … Read more

Best X470 Motherboard 2019


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SLI vs Crossfire: Are Multi-GPU Configurations Worth It


PC games are getting more graphic-intensive with each passing day, and in order to have those stunning graphics on your display screen, you need GPUs more powerful than ever before. A few years ago, 4 GB graphics cards were only bought by the PC enthusiasts, and most PC games didn’t use to require this much … Read more