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Best Mini ITX Motherboard 2019

Not so long ago, PC Master Race was all about having a bigger PC. At first thought, this approach doesn’t look bad, to be honest. A bigger PC mean that you can have components installed in it, after all, which in turn leads to more power.  But in recent times, tech companies are constantly trying (and … Read more

Best Low Profile Video Card


Buying a low profile graphics card is something that happens to be an important thing for those with a compact PC build. The reason being simple: they do not want to have huge casings taking up their desk space. In a situation like that, finding the best low profile graphics card is extremely important because without … Read more

Best X470 Motherboard 2019


Whenever you’re buying a PC component, it’s better to check its compatibility with the rest of the hardware components of your gaming PC.It’s a much more important issue than what it seems because, if you’ve got a bigger M.2 SSD than what your motherboard allows (for example), you’ve no option other than selling it back … Read more

SLI vs Crossfire: Are Multi-GPU Configurations Worth It


PC games are getting more graphic-intensive with each passing day, and in order to have those stunning graphics on your display screen, you need GPUs more powerful than ever before. A few years ago, 4 GB graphics cards were only bought by the PC enthusiasts, and most PC games didn’t use to require this much … Read more