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Seasonic FOCUS SGX-450 Review


Quick SummarySeasonic Focus SGX-450 is among the best SFX power supply units that you can buy in the market. It’s 80 plus Gold Certified, fully modular, and manages to handle all the tasks within the requirements of its wattage efficiently (despite being smaller). Check it out on Amazon.comWhat We Like check Solid build quality check … Read more

How To Tell If Your Motherboard Is Bad


Motherboards are extremely important for your PC. A motherboard is the main component where all the components of your PC are connected with each other and more importantly, they communicate with each other through the motherboard as well. Without a motherboard, it would not be possible for the computer to work at all. Sure, if … Read more

How To Tell If Your Graphics Card Is Dying


A Graphics card is perhaps the most expensive component in most of the gaming PCs that people own in the modern day. A good Graphics card is what you should be looking for, especially if you are a hardcore gamer. Although the Graphics cards have improved a lot in recent times, the one thing that … Read more

Components Of A Gaming PC

Building a PC by assembling system components on your own is often thought to be cheaper than buying a pre-build PC with same specs, and it is true in most cases. Also, it gives you the option to upgrade any specific component later. But if you’re a beginner, PC building can look a lot more … Read more