SLI vs Crossfire: Are Multi-GPU Configurations Worth It


PC games are getting more graphic-intensive with each passing day, and in order to have those stunning graphics on your display screen, you need GPUs more powerful than ever before. A few years ago, 4 GB graphics cards were only bought by the PC enthusiasts, and most PC games didn’t use to require this much … Read more

10 Tips To Become A Better Player In Wolfenstein 2


There is no denying that Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is one of the best FPS games to come out in a long way. Just when people thought that the FPS genre that focuses on a single player more than anything is slowly dying, Bethesda and idTech gave us the masterpiece that will be remembered … Read more

How To Control Your CPU Fan Speed For An Improved Performance


CPU fans are very useful when it comes to keeping your CPU cool. They don’t allow your CPU to get heated pretty quickly (something that happens in overclocking), which in turn, causes the CPU to work more efficiently. But they have a disadvantage of their own. They make a lot of noise which feels pretty … Read more