How To Control Your CPU Fan Speed For An Improved Performance


CPU fans are very useful when it comes to keeping your CPU cool. They don’t allow your CPU to get heated pretty quickly (something that happens in overclocking), which in turn, causes the CPU to work more efficiently. But they have a disadvantage of their own. They make a lot of noise which feels pretty … Read more

What Is Thermal Throttling?


Every PC gamer is aware of the term “thermal throttling”, especially those who live in hotter areas, or those who love to overclock their PCs. There is nothing wrong with overclocking your computer, but the fact that thermal throttling can be a lot more dangerous than you think is something that cannot be avoided or … Read more

Optimal CPU and GPU Temperatures


Considering how summers are here in most of the world except Australia (I don’t know why it’s the opposite there) it has become increasingly important for us PC gamers to ensure that we keep the temperatures to the lowest possible setting. As the famous PC Master Race quote goes “may our frames be high, and … Read more

How To Tell If Your Graphics Card Is Dying


A Graphics card is perhaps the most expensive component in most of the gaming PCs that people own in the modern day. A good Graphics card is what you should be looking for, especially if you are a hardcore gamer. Although the Graphics cards have improved a lot in recent times, the one thing that … Read more