10 Motherboard Terms You Should Be Aware Of

motherboard terms

Your PC is a complex machine. It has different internal components that receive input data from different devices, perform different functions, and then produce results based on their calculations. In order to help these components coordinate with each other efficiently, we have the motherboard. It’s a circuit board through which different hardware components interact or communicate with each … Read more

How Much VRAM Do I Need For Gaming In 2019

Whenever you’re out in the market searching for a new graphics card, your first question should be related to the VRAM. To be specific, you should ask yourself how much VRAM you need for gaming. But as it happens with the most question related to PC Gaming, there’s no definite answer. It depends on your … Read more

Seasonic FOCUS SGX-450 Review


Quick SummarySeasonic Focus SGX-450 is among the best SFX power supply units that you can buy in the market. It’s 80 plus Gold Certified, fully modular, and manages to handle all the tasks within the requirements of its wattage efficiently (despite being smaller). Check it out on Amazon.comWhat We Like check Solid build quality check … Read more

BitFenix Enso Mesh PC Case Review


Quick SummaryThe reason why Enso Mesh Case by Bitfenix is a great mid-tower is simple to explain. You are getting a spacious interior with great support for radiators as well as air cooling, addressable RGB support, and solid build quality. And All of this comes with a stellar price tag. Check it out On Amazon.comPros … Read more