How To Tell If Your Motherboard Is Bad


Motherboards are extremely important for your PC. A motherboard is the main component where all the components of your PC are connected with each other and more importantly, they communicate with each other through the motherboard as well. Without a motherboard, it would not be possible for the computer to work at all. Sure, if … Read more

Best Gaming CPU 2019

Buying a new CPU for your PC can be a daunting task, especially if this is your first time. Even if you are helping someone build their PC, be ready for the heap of questions they will through your way. That’s why here we are are going to review the best gaming CPUs / processors for 2019. … Read more

Best Thermal Paste 2019

best thermal paste 2019

Not a lot of people understand this, and normally see it as an oversight, but a good thermal paste is very important for your processor. Sure, you might be thinking that the stock thermal paste is always the best thermal paste, but you need to understand that it is nothing more than a cheap option that … Read more

Best Micro ATX Case 2019


Micro ATX cases, also called mATX cases by many, are the PC cases that can accommodate micro ATX motherboards (and mini ITX boards too). Although you can fit mATX boards in some bigger cases (like in mid tower cases) too, but that would make the whole board cornered into the top-left side of that case, and … Read more

Best Z390 Motherboard 2019


The time has come. Intel has released its 9th-Generation CPUs in the form of Core i5-9600K, i7-9700K, and i9-9900K processors, and as it happens each year for some time, a new motherboard-generation have come to support new CPUs. Almost every time, these newer motherboards come with new chipsets. In case you don’t know, a chipset acts as the communication center … Read more

Best External Hard Drives 2019

An external hard drive is just another form of a traditional hard drive that is connected to the computer from outside, instead of internal hard drives which are connected directly to your motherboard. Being outside of your computer makes these drives portable, something which internal hard drives can’t offer. Using the former, you can take your … Read more