How Much VRAM Do I Need For Gaming In 2019

Whenever you’re out in the market searching for a new graphics card, your first question should be related to the VRAM. To be specific, you should ask yourself how much VRAM you need for gaming. But as it happens with the most question related to PC Gaming, there’s no definite answer. It depends on your … Read more

10 PC Gaming Graphics Terms You Should Know About


One of the first things we do, after installing any game on our PCs, is tweaking its settings such as sound settings, graphics settings, and control settings etc. Sound settings and control settings are almost same in every game out there, but graphics settings is the area where things get very interesting. It’s because here … Read more

What is Ambient Occlusion


Remember the time in PC gaming when factors such as polygon counts and textures were the next big thing? Believe it or not, a PC that could handle these 2 things used to be considered a PC from the future. However, these benchmarks were short-lived, and as gaming progressed in that era, these were pushed … Read more