Refurbished Laptops: Are They Worth It

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Ryzen 7 2700X vs 3700X

Since the last 12 months or so, AMD is really dominating the CPU market. Before that, AMD’s offerings were considered low-budget alternative to that of Intel. But not anymore. Their Ryzen 3rd-gen series, released in July 2019, consists of 14 processors targeting different users and price sections and have been liked by the reviewers as … Read more

Optimal CPU and GPU Temperatures

Considering how summers are here in most of the world except Australia (I don’t know why it’s the opposite there) it has become increasingly important for us PC gamers to ensure that we keep the temperatures to the lowest possible setting. As the famous PC Master Race quote goes “may our frames be high, and … Read more

Is Kinguin Legit And Safe?

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Is Virtual Surround Sound Really Worth It?

You may have heard about the headphones that offer you virtual surround sound. As a matter of fact, this breed of headsets is a lot more common than you might think they are, and while they are selling like hotcakes in the market, the major question that we have to ask is whether these are … Read more

10 Motherboard Terms You Should Be Aware Of

Your PC is a complex machine. It has different internal components that receive input data from different devices, perform different functions, and then produce results based on their calculations. In order to help these components coordinate with each other efficiently, we have the motherboard. It’s a circuit board through which different hardware components interact or … Read more

Is An HDR Monitor Worth It?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) has been around for a lot of time. It is being actively used in photography for a long time, but now this technology is slowly moving into the PC market as well. So, what exactly is HDR? This article explores what HDR stand for, and whether HDR monitors worth it or … Read more

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